What You Can Actually Do To Prevent A Houston DUI

Tips To Help You Avoid Driving & Drinking In Houston

Many people are aware that it is dangerous to drive after drinking – but that does not prevent people from doing it. Over 300, 000 cases of drinking under the influence of alcohol are reported on a daily basis. Moreover, on average, a drunk driver can repeat the same offense more than 80 times without getting caught. Even though this increases the risks of road accidents, there are simple solutions to this problem.

What Is Defined As Drinking & Driving?

Drinking and driving are not addressed the same way in different States – there are those who call it drunk driving, DUI, and even driving or operating while intoxicated. However, one thing that is common in all States is that (BAC) blood alcohol concentration should not exceed 0.08 percent. Furthermore, there are strict laws for those who consume less alcohol, especially for those aged 21 and below.

Consequences Of DUI

Be arrested, and you will be left facing legal, personal, professional, and financial complications because of this particular offense.

  • DUI Helpful Ideas in HoustonIn most States DUI offenders usually get their licenses suspended for a certain period –
    sometimes the licenses can be suspended for a year or longer depending on the number of times the driver has committed the offense. Moreover, your license can also be revoked because of multiple convictions. Those who hold a (CDL) usually have their licenses suspended for longer if caught for DUI.
  • In other States, those who are caught for DUI are required to serve jail time and pay a fine.
  • You can also be requested to invest in an ignition interlock system, which detects alcohol content and prevents you from driving the vehicle.
  • If it is your first time getting caught for this offense, you can end up losing your job.
  • DUI convictions usually go hand to hand with high insurance rates.
  • If you were involved in an accident and sustained injuries as a result of DUI, then your insurance provider may deny your payment for damages and injuries sustained.

How Can A Drunk Driver Be Detected?

It is never easy to determine whether a driver is drunk or not, but according to law enforcers, you can avoid dangerous situations by observing the following:

  • A driver taking wide turns
  • Driving off-road or on the wrong side
  • Baking instantly
  • Driving too slow
  • Driving at the knight with the headlights turned off
  • Drifting, swerving, and weaving
  • Making illegal turns
  • Stopping abruptly
  • Driving too close to other motorists almost striking them

How Can One Prevent Or Stop DUI?

You can avoid driving under the influence by making good decisions and also by planning ahead of time. Here are other simple solutions that can help you stop this offense.

  • Hire a designated driver when you go out of drinks
  • Avoid drinking alcohol when you decide to party alone
  • If you decide to drink then do so responsibly and make sure that you eat a healthy meal before consuming any alcohol
  • If you have been drinking for an extended period, look for a car-sharing service that can give you a ride home such as a taxi.
  • Never share a ride with a drunk driver.

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