DUI Case In Houston: Should You Hire A DUI Lawyer?

Top Reasons To Seek A Help From A Houston DUI Lawyer

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The penalty for driving while intoxicated goes beyond the jail term you serve. There is a financial penalty you accrue throughout your case, most notably the fines and court costs, which can add up to over $10,000. Furthermore, when you combine probation, fees, and a potential license suspension, a DUI might have a massive impact on your future.

Hiring a DUI lawyer increases your chances of overcoming many of these problems and, ultimately, getting your life back on track ASAP.

Typically, many people fail to appreciate the severity of their cases after a drunk driving arrest. They ignore their need to work with a DUI attorney, as they do not want to pay an attorney. However, hiring a lawyer could be beneficial in the end.

That said, every case is unique, and you are best placed to know when to hire a lawyer.

Herein we will delve into the top reasons to seek counsel and how an experienced DUI attorney can help you.

1. Getting A Plea Bargain With A Reduced Sentence

In criminal cases, the defendant is accorded an opportunity to take a plea bargain. A plea bargain means that the defendant pleads guilty to the charges in exchange for lightening the sentence and or dismissal of other charges.

A plea bargain might be an option for you. If a plea bargain is on the table, however, you need a lawyer to help you negotiate the best deal possible.

A lawyer can also help with sentence bargaining, whereby you plead guilty and get an advance agreement on the punishment you will take.

Whatever the plea bargaining might be, you need the aid of a professional, experienced lawyer to guide you through navigating the legal process.

Taking advantage of a plea bargain is a good idea when you face substantial charges. For instance, if your blood alcohol level was extremely high when you were arrested or being under the influence of alcohol and other drugs as well.

You can also take advantage of a plea bargain if proving the case is straightforward.

In all these cases, you need to hire a lawyer.

2. When Facing A License Suspension

Having your license suspended can alter your entire life in a significant manner owing to the inconvenience the suspension will impart to your daily life. Nonetheless, it is a common punishment for DUI.

A license suspension can be especially divesting for individuals whose occupation involves driving vehicles. While you might get an occupational license, getting one is never guaranteed. You need the input and services of an experienced DUI lawyer to safeguard your livelihood.

Depending on the particular circumstances of your case, a short or long-term license suspension might be the punishment. An experienced lawyer will use their expertise to reduce or get rid of the suspension, helping you negate living without a license.

For instance, your lawyer might negotiate a plea bargain that helps you avoid a license suspension. Additionally, the lawyer might argue for other charges such as community service rather than a license suspension or to have your license reinstated.

If you are asking yourself whether hiring a lawyer is worth it, just contemplate life without your driving license.

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