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The Butler Law Firm provides top-notch legal services to its clients for it devotes its resources, time, and energy to ensure that the client is fully satisfied by bringing their cases from the starting line to the goal line. If you are stressed out after getting a DWI, you can rely on The Butler Law Firm to provide you with lawyers who ensure that they defend your DWI charges in every way possible to reduce your worries.

Jim Butler is a trial attorney in the firm specializing in DWI cases for more than 20 years. He helps innocent people face jail time, for he believes that they are arrested for no reason. It is not that Jim supports driving while drunk, but rather the lawyer helps the arrested person’s family from undergoing financial constrain and mental torture. Jim has won many jury verdicts for he digs deeper into the case to the extent of even tracking witnesses. To contact Jim butler, call any day the number (713)236 8744 and talk directly with the lawyer. You don’t talk with the receptionist like in other companies.

There are many serious consequences if you are found guilty of a Drinking While Intoxicated charge. This is the reason why you ought to seek an attorney to help you through the legal processes. Once you have been arrested for the crime, you never know the outcome of the case. The consequences include revoking your driver’s license, terminating your employment source, family problems, conviction, fines, or even incarceration. You have the best chance to come out after being arrested without facing any of the consequences if you call the Butler Law Firm.

Being accused of DWI could negatively affect your life, the members of your family, and your workplace. Other costs are accompanied by the charge like using public vehicles when going shopping or any long-distance travel. Your driving license suspension becomes effective 40 days after the day you were charged if, in any case, you refrain from contacting a lawyer.

The Law Firm got your back when it comes to making sure that you will have a successful result in the courtroom if you are accused of DWI. They have a specialized and experienced staff all the way from the trial attorney to the personal injury lawyers and the paralegals. If they don’t win your case, you don’t pay them. This means that the firm stands behind its work. The firm also analyzes your case without any charges. After winning a case, the legal fee is from the money they recovered for the client.

Contact Mr. Butler, the Houston-based law office owner, to work on your case if you want it to be resolved well.

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Mr. Butler owns the office for Houston-built criminal law. He will undertake every task doable under the rule to solve the matter in the finest possible means for his customer. Call them now and consult at liberty. 

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