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Our top priority is defending your DWI charges!

Did you get a DWI and do not know what to do? Are you stressed and confused about the procedure? Worry not and follow these easy steps for the best results!

Step 1: Understand a DWI charge is very serious and can seriously affect your life if not dealt with properly. The charge itself can lead to your license getting suspended ad a conviction can get you arrested. If you lose your license, your lifestyle will seriously be altered as you won’t be able to drive around anymore and will have to depend on someone or public transport for all your big and small commuting needs. Using public transport will also increase your expenses.

If you end up getting arrested, it will be a very traumatic experience for and your family. It might also mean that you lose your job, your family has no financial support and finding a job will be difficult later with this offense on your record. 

Step 2: Time is of the essence. If you do not take any steps after being charged, your license will automatically be suspended after 40 days of the charges being framed. Once your license is suspended, it is extremely difficult to get back even after proving your innocence in a court of law. 

Step 3: Find a Lawyer immediately. The process to be followed after being charged with a DWI is fairly technical and legal help is required. It is important to understand that finding an attorney with expertise in this specific area will greatly benefit your case. 

The Butler Law Firm is 100% focused on only DWI cases and helping you when you need it the most! Jim Butler, the owner of Butler Law Firm has been a licensed attorney for 24 years and handles on DWI cases. This exclusivity has made him highly capable of getting you out of jail time and saving your license. Give him a call today at (713) 236-8744 and receive a free consultation to discuss your circumstances and the possible solutions! Jim does not support drunk driving, but believes that many innocent people are “needlessly arrested” and that is why he chose this line to be able to help them.

Step 4: Understand the gravity of the consequences. The DWI laws keep changing and getting stricter in every state. Having a conviction of DWI on your record will cause you great harm and hinder your progress. The process to deal with the charge is a very technical one and it is best to look for an attorney well equipped to deal with it and ensure that you have a chance at getting the best possible solution.

Mr. Butler is one of the best attorneys in Houston and you should call or email him immediately when you are charged with a DWI so he can start helping you get through it with minimum damage!


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