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Everyone assumes that if there was no accident involved, the DWI charge is a mild matter and one will get off with a minor fine or reprimand. With this thinking, they fail to seek legal advice and representation in good time to prepare for defense. However, that is not what happens when they get to court and they suddenly realize the charge before they are gravely serious with equally grave consequences. At this stage, it is either too late to seek legal or too costly engaging one. Due to the panic at this point, you might engage a lawyer not suited or having no experience in such cases creating another costly blunder for yourself because with the incompetent representation you will definitely lose. Save yourself this agony and call Butler Law Firm to speak to Jim Butler, a lawyer dealing with nothing else but DWI cases.

Jim Butler chose to specialize in matters traffic law with a special bias towards helping drivers with DWI charges through his firm Butler Law Firm. For the last 24 years, he has done nothing else but DWI cases, gaining more knowledge, expertise, and experience in this field. With this knowledge and passion driving him, Jim Butler has helped many drivers with DWI charges avoid jail terms and possible penury giving them a second chance at life again.

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The decision to get help, however, is in your hands when you find yourself confronted by a DWI charge. If you dismiss it as a minor issue or take too long to get legal help, you have yourself to blame. Jim Butler is waiting for you at Butler Law Firm to make that call now and he will give you a free consultation. Take your life and that of your loved ones seriously, and avoid unnecessary consequences by reaching out for help. Facing these charges without proper legal assistance can cost you your job, sent you to jail, and mess up your otherwise happy and loving family. The hefty fines imposed by the courts could sweep away all your savings or even cost you the family home rendering you destitute. Avoid going through these suffering and call Butler Law Firm for legal help.

Protect your future and that of your family, call Jim Butler today to discuss the details of the DWI charge facing you and explore ways of helping you. The Butler Law Firm is the place to go!

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