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Are you having a DWI charge? And tensioned up because you don’t know what may happen next? Don’t worry, we are here to help you reduce stress.

Mr. Jim Butler is an approved certified attorney for over 24 good years. He offers assistance to clients in getting out of detention time in instances where the clients could have become jobless, leading to themselves, with their households to undergo both mental and financial suffering. Jim currently deals with cases consisting of 100 percent DWI. He is an attorney fully devoted to handling such cases. Though he does not encourage drinking and driving Jim believes there are innocent persons being arrested day in day out thus contributed majorly to him deciding to a DWI lawyer.

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It is very serious to be charged with a DUI offense and it may lead to severe punishment if found guilty therefore one should seek a DWI lawyer who is limited to DWI defense only.

The consequences of DWI charges entail employment termination, driver’s license revocation, incarceration, and even fall-out of family. If you are under DWI charges why don’t you toll for free our number or email us the Jim Butler Firm licensed for 24 yrs? A DWI arrest is only but the start of the problematic process and facing the charges either cannot determine the outcome. With the law, it’s all about the technicality of issues and being in conviction, license loss, fines among others which are obviously automatic. For a positive result, a good attorney with enough experience would be better to navigate you throughout the process of protecting your rights. 

 With Butler Law Firm we’ve required experience to assure individuals facing the DWI offense, success in the outcome, and also protecting the rights of the clients throughout the process. Contact Butler Jim immediately and have an open consultation and discuss your case with him.

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DWI could seriously disorient your usual life, your family’s life, and also that of your work. In addition, it might cost you activities such as daily walk-out, shopping, and public transportation to your daily job and other household activities. Your license revocation begins always after 40 days of your charges in case you did nothing. The Butler’s Houston Firm has the capability and can figure out the best way possible of the end outcome.

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With Mr. Butler Jim the holder of the Houston-based office of criminology he will take the best way possible within the law to come up with the best solution for his/her clients, contact him immediately, and have a free session of consultation.

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