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There comes a time where you are caught drunk while driving in Houston, Texas. A citizen accused of DWI in Texas is disqualified for deferred adjudication, unlike every other criminal offense.

Deferred adjudication is where a judge takes an appeal and withholds a finding of guilt until such time a defendant is through with the probation period. The court will terminate the case if the defendant is successful thus allowing him to seek an appeal of nondisclosure.

If a person is caught drunk while driving, he or she has the choice of pleading to the charge taking the case to trial. The district attorneys will not give out a reduced charge if there is no lesser included offense for driving while drunk. On the other hand, exceptions are always included and in some states, a citizen blamed for driving while drunk may be allowed to enter an appeal to a reduced charge of obstruction of a highway or reckless driving. The following are basics of driving while drunk, obstruction of a highway and reckless driving.

Drunk while driving

A person commits an offense if found intoxicated while driving a motor vehicle. It takes a maximum punishment of six months in the county jail and a $1,000 fine if a person is found driving while intoxicated which is a class B offense. There is also a license suspension which is one year for both commercial and non-commercial (class C) driver licenses. There are also extra expenses to the Department of Public Safety of $1,000 a year for three years.

Highway obstacles

A lot of people commit an offense in different ways. For instance, a person can commit an offense knowingly or recklessly a highway to which the public use or any other place used for passage of vehicles or people. Nevertheless, creating an obstruction arises from his own acts alone or act of others. Even though, allegations are not often included that the driver blocked anybody accesses to a public road. A high obstruction is a popular reduced charge in various jurisdictions.

A person is considered to create an offense if he or she drives a vehicle intentional or have excessive disrespect for the protection of person or property.

Careless driving is considered a Class B offense in the Texas Transportation Code. It entails a maximum payment of up to I month in the county jail and a $200 fine. There is no suspension for a reckless driving conviction for a driver who has a class C driver’s license. On the other hand, two careless driving convictions for a commercial driver’s license holder in three-year time can lead to suspension of a license for 60 days. The third convection in three-year time can lead to a 120-day suspension.

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