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Upon slapped with a DWI accusation, you get so distressed and you find yourself at a loss on what you should do. In case you’re in this state, contact us to offer you help.

The Jim Butler Law Firm is a licensed company that has been in business for the last 24 years and has the experience and expertise to offer you the best legal help in case you’re facing a DWI accusation. Jim Butler will secure your freedom from imprisonment where you would waste your time and cause yourself and family emotional and financial anguish. Jim focuses all his attention on DWI matters only. He’s so much dedicated to his profession. Although Jim does not support drunk driving, he feels that many innocent people are accused of the crime. This is the main reason why he decided to specialize in DWI aspect of the law.

In case you’re accused of a DWI (driving while intoxicated) wrong, you should acknowledge the enormity of the indictment. You must promptly look for an experienced Houston lawyer who specializes on DWI defense. In case you’re found culpable, a DWI has serious ramifications. Your license will be retracted, family disagreements, dismissal from work and confinement. Jim Butler has 24 years of experience and will assist you to secure the best outcome for your case. Contact him now through email or phone contact. You can be captured because of a DWI but this move does not determine the end result of your matter. Legal issues can take various forms when handling the accused person: You can be imprisoned, you can be fined, and your license can be canceled. All these legal technicalities are not guaranteed. If you want to secure a positive outcome of your matter, it’s important to look for a knowledgeable attorney who will support you to walk safely on your legal journey and ensure that your rights are upheld at every stage.

The Jim Butler Law Firm has the expertise and experience necessary to ensure that those indicted of a DWI crime have an opportunity of securing a positive result and their rights are upheld at all stages of the process. Get in touch with Jim Butler to share details of your case for free.

He has the skills to help you, don’t wait, call him now.

Your life and that of your family will be negatively impacted if you face a DWI. You may start incurring an extra cost in transportation to and fro your work.

You can contact Jim now at (713) 236-8744 for more details and free consultation.

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