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Are you experiencing stress due to being charged with driving while intoxicated, and you do not know where to find help?

Relax, here at The Butler Law Firm, we are the number one law firm in the country that deals with driving while intoxicated charges. We take great pride in the number of cases that we have enabled to be acquitted due to our exemplary representation. We fully understand how important being acquitted of the charge is to you and your family, and that is why we work our fingers to the bone for a successful outcome. You should therefore not have any worry whenever we are in charge of your DWI case, as your chances of being acquitted are sky-high. Therefore, make the first move of contacting us via (713) 236-8744 for a free consultation, and we will proactively attend to your case in earnest. 

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It is important to note that even if you have been charged with driving while intoxicated charges, you are innocent until proven guilty. However, you are a potential candidate for being served with DWI punishments. The punishments that you could suffer when finding guilty of the charge includes being incarcerated, your driver’s license being revoked or suspended, or be fined large sums of money.

Owing to the severity of these punishments, here at The Butler Law Firm, we prepare a good defense that we present in court, ensure that the right legal processes are followed, and all your rights are protected at all times. 

DWI Experts

Whenever you are charged with driving while intoxicated charges, you need to hire an attorney that is well accustomed to the charge.

Here at The Butler Law Firm, we specialize in driving while intoxicated charges only, which speaks of our expertise and experience in the field. This can be attested by the number of cases that we have recorded acquittals, in which we have been directly involved. This outlines the reason why we are the best shot when it comes to ensuring your acquittals of the driving while intoxicated charge. 

Why You Need To Choose Butler Law Firm

First, we have over 26 years of experience in the legal field, a period over which we have amassed massive experience and expertise. In addition, we work with the best driving while intoxicated attorneys in the country led the lead attorney of The Butler Law Firm Jim Butler.

Whenever you choose us to be your DWI attorney, you are assured of working with the best. On the same wavelength, the level of success that we have recorded in the cases that we have been involved in speaks volumes about the quality of law firm that we are.

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime you are confronted with DWI charges. 

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