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We are a 100% Driving While Intoxicated centralized law firm. The Butler Law Firm managing your cause when you require us utmost.

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Have you been charged with a DWI? If you feel strained out since you don’t understand what to do or what will transpire, we can alleviate your worries.

Licensed for more than two decades as an attorney, Jim Butler assists his clients extensively, enabling them to flee from lockup time, hence, salvaging them from losing their jobs, a situation that could’ve caused them and their households to suffer mentally and financially. Currently, Jim’s cases are DWI100%, as he devotes himself wholly to such matters. He does not validate driving while drunk, but his primary reason for becoming a DUI lawyer is that he believes many blameless persons are arrested superfluously for DWI and DUI.

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Anyone charged with a DWI crime should be conscious of the gravity of the arrest. The criminal should pursue a Houston based attorney that specifies themselves only to DWI defenses. If the offender is found guilty of these offenses, it can bring about dire consequences.

The consequences comprise the revocation or suspension of your driver’s license, employment termination, incarceration, and family feuds. As a licensed and experienced DUI lawyer for 24 years, Mr.Butler from The Butler Law Firm helps those charged with DWI or DUI; you can email or call us today. While getting arrested for a DWI crime is just but the start of a lengthy process, being prosecuted does not restrict the outcome. Losing your license, convictions, fines, incarceration, and technical issues are all matters of law, which none of them is anywise automatic. For an assured possibility of a favorable result, it is essential to get a highly experienced attorney who’ll help you protect your rights and guide you through the whole legal process appropriately.

We have an acceptable degree of experience required to guarantee those accused with crimes of DUI or DWI have the highest possibility of a triumphant result, not forgetting to ensure their every right is protected. Give Mr. Butler a call immediately and secure a chargeless consultation to talk about your case.

Don’t halt contacting Mr. Butler today; he has exceptional knowledge.

A DUI or DWI charge can have significant adverse effects on your life, your work, and your household. Other costs, including public transport for leaving to and from work, running errands, family activities, and shopping, will most likely arise. Regarding your license, if you fail to take action, it’s suspension will start 40 days following the making of the charge. Based in Houston, Mr.Butler’s firm has 24 years of experience, assuring you of the most favorable result for your situation.

Mr. Butler, the proprietor of The Butler Law Firm, a criminal law department based in Houston, will work out all in every possible manner to resolve his client’s cases.

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