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The Butler Law Firm is a 100% DWI Focused Law Firm, catering to your case when you need us most and as we always believe, defending your DWI charges is our top priority. The firm is owned by Mr. Jim Butler- a 24 years licensed attorney and is based in HOUSTON. The Butler Law Firm has 24 years of legal experience and is purposefully meant to relieve the clients out of DWI charges.

The Butler Law Firm has the experience needed to make sure that those charged with DWI or DUI criminal-related offenses, can have the best chance of a successful outcome and that through the process of Law, all of their rights are protected.

The firm has relieved several clients from various offenses regarding DWI-related cases. Such occasions include those where clients could have lost their jobs, causing themselves and their families to suffer both financially and mentally. Currently, Butler Law Firm gives room for handling 100% DWI “Driving while intoxicated cases”. This is based on the fact that the senior in charge-Mr. Jim Butler currently devotes all of his time to these types of cases.

The fact that this firm is fully handling DWI-related cases may make people think that Mr. Jim butler endorses drunk driving. The fact is that Mr. Jim Butler does not endorse drunk driving he simply believes that many innocent people are “needlessly arrested”. This is a major reason why he became a DUI lawyer, and additionally the reason why he started The Butler Law Firm.

The Butler Firm is transparent as the stakeholders in charge will do everything possible under the law to resolve the issue in the best way possible for its clients. DWI cases are very offensive and their consequences are so unfriendly, getting into as far as suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, family fall-out, termination of employment as well as incarceration.

Regardless of all these trials, the Butler firm believes that there is still a solution since being arrested for the crime of DWI is just the beginning of a long process. Moreover, being charged with a crime does not determine its outcome. The firm further believes that Law is a matter of technical issues and convictions, fines, loss of license, and incarceration, none of which are ever automatic. Factually, to have the best chance of a positive outcome, it is necessary to get an experienced lawyer or attorney to help you traverse properly through the legal process and protect your rights and justice. Here comes your rescue, The Butler Firm.

In conclusion, the Butler Firm has assisted most clients having DWI-related cases and has still maintained its stand to protect human rights from violation. This only remains relevant to those who seek such assistance. Kindly reach out and meet one of the most relevant criminal law offices, and have your case solved. To contact Mr. Butler’s HOUSTON based firm today, simply call (713)236-8774 or email us immediately to get your case solved faster.

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