Effective DUI Offense Attorney & Legal Advisor In Stoneham, TX

One hundred percent focused on DWIs is The Butler Law Firm. We cater to the needs of your case whenever you require us the most. We are the lawyers for DWI in Houston.

Were you served with a DWI? Do you feel stressed for not knowing precisely what will happen? We at The Butler Law Firm will most certainly get down to helping you relieve some if not most of the stress.

For a period of twenty-four years, Jim Butler has held an attorney’s license. He has helped the clients who come to him evade time in jail which could have rendered them unemployed. This would have in turn caused suffering to the clients, their friends, and family of the financial and the mental kind. 

Cases that Jim is currently dealing with one hundred percent involve people charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). Mr. Butler has dedicated the majority of his work time to these cases. Jim himself doesn’t encourage driving while drunk. He strongly believes many people, who are innocent, are arrested without need or purpose. This is the biggest reason for becoming a lawyer handling DUIs.

You can ring Jim Butler’s phone today by dialing (713) 236-8744. The consultation received is free of charge.

Any person receiving an offense of the DWI nature needs to be in knowledge of how serious the said charge is. He or she, one who is in the offense, needs to search for an attorney from Houston who is strictly limited to defending DWIs. If the offender is found guilty of the charge, very dire consequences will follow.

The consequences mentioned above may be like suspension or even revocation of the driving license you hold, loss of employment by termination, falling out of families, or one may even be incarcerated. The Butler Law Firm’s very own Jim Butler has been in possession of a license for twenty-four years. 

This has equipped him with the necessary skills and tools to help all those coming to him facing a charge of Driving While Intoxicated. To reach us and get help, you can send us an email or call our phones.

There is a lengthy process that starts with being arrested because of Driving While Intoxicated. The eventual outcome is however not determined by being charged. All the fines, technical issues, conviction, incarceration, and loss of license make up the law process which is not and has never been automatic. A good shot at outcomes that are positive is achieved by getting an attorney who is experienced. This attorney will help you plot a course and walk it along the road of the legal process.  

The Butler Law Firm is equipped with the necessary experience that is required to ensure the people charged with criminal offenses of the DWI or the DUI nature get the best possibility of a prosperous outcome. Also, our firm will make sure all rights of these offenders are duly protected. Contact Jim Butler this instant to get a free consultation and discuss issues pertinent to your case. He is really experienced to offer assistance. Call him or our firm today.

A DWI charge can affect one’s life in a huge way. It can also affect a person’s family life and the life of the person’s work. One may incur surplus costs including public transport as you head to work, heading out to run errands or shopping or other activities. Forty days after you have been charged and do nothing about it, your license begins the process of being suspended. Our firm based in Houston is rooted in legal experience spanning twenty-four years. Here, you will be helped out of your predicament.  

Mr. Butler owns this law office practicing criminal law. He is devoted to doing everything and anything possible, that is within the confines of the law, to find a solution to his clients’ issues. Give them a call today and enjoy a free consultation.

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