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If you are charged with any criminal offense more so DWI and DUI, you are required to hire the services of Jim Butler who owns Butler Law Firm. The firm has the best services and great experience that is important to solve your DWI charges. Feel free to contact Mr. Butler any time and enjoy free consultation services and have your burden relieved and half solved. The experience he has gained for over twenty-four years will greatly help you, thus do not waste more time contact him today. His telephone numbers are readily available (713) 236 8744 or you can reach him via email. 

DWI has great negative effects that greatly affect your life and the environs such as the relationship of your family and work. You may have constant issues with your family since more costs are incurred for transport while traveling for work since your car will be held by the local authorities. You will also incur more costs while traveling to the errands, family tasks, and shopping. If you are facing a DWI offense, your license will be revoked after forty days of conviction. The forty days are issued as a grace period for clearing yourself from the local authorities. 

Jim Butler has been offering his services for the last 24 years in Houston. Thus, he has gained a lot of experience and therefore he will be able to offer the best solution for your case. He dedicates all his time and energy to DWI defenses. He will make sure that your rights are respected and you are not harassed by the local authorities. Therefore, you can contact Butler Law Firm today. 

Jim Butler is the co-founder of the criminal law office in Houston. His main priority is ensuring that you receive the best services for your DWI charges. Jim Butler does everything he can as far as it has been outlined by the law to solve your DWI charges to help you secure the best possible outcome. Jim Butler is the best-licensed attorney in Houston and also offering DWI services for very many years. 

Mr. Butler will help you survive from jail time which would lead to loss of employment which will lead to physical and mental issues to the offender. If you lose your job, you will also suffer financially due to the increased costs of servicing the DWI case. All the cases solved by Jim Butler are 100 percent related to DWI (driving while intoxicated). He has chosen to dedicate his entire time to solve these cases. Note that, Jim does not fight for approval of drunk driving but instead defends those that are convicted wrongly yet they are innocent. He may also solve your case if you are guilty and help you secure a positive outcome. 

Contact Butler Law Firm right now and get professional services and free consultation. 

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