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When you need your DWI case catered for, go for the Butler Law Firm, as it’s 100% focused on you. 

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Are you stressed about being charged with DWI and not aware of what’s in store for you? Worry no more as we will assist you in getting over your stress. 

For the past 24 years, Jim Butler is an attorney that is licensed. With the help of Jim Butler, many clients have been set free out of prison to go through the trouble of being fired and making themselves and their loved ones go through financial and mental struggles. At the moment, 100% of Jim’s cases are Driving While Intoxicated. The main reason why Jim became a DWI lawyer was not that he entertains drinking while driving but because various people have fallen victim to being charged falsely. 

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DWI means driving while intoxicated, and anyone charged with such cases should know how crucial those charges are. The victim should look for an attorney in Houston who has specialized in such cases. Guilty DWI cases cause severe damages

Damages caused include your driving licenses being revoked, losing your job, your family falling out, and it can go as far as being imprisoned. The victims of DWI charges can go for Jim Butler, who has a license for the past 24 years, of the Butler’s Law Firm. Please send us an email or contact us anytime. DWI charges have an extended process, and being arrested is just the beginning. Being arrested for the charges doesn’t state how it will end. Court charges involve apprehension, fines, technicality issues, losing license, conviction, and neither of them is operated automatically. To defend your rights and go through the law processes successfully, you require an experienced lawyer to get positive results. 

The victims of DUI or DWI need to get favorable chances with their charges in court and protect their rights. The Law Firm of Mr. Butler is well experienced in handling those issues and ensuring you get successful results. To talk about your case details, by contacting Mr. Butler, you get free consulting immediately. 

Contact him today as he has all the experience you need to assist you.

Your job and your loved ones can be significantly affected because of DWI charges. You will get extra costs such as shopping, using public transport to get to the office, and covering some errands and other household functions. If you do nothing, you will start experiencing the pending of your licenses for 40 days being charged. You can get the positive results of your circumstances through Mr. Butler’s experience for 24 years firm based in Houston. 

Today you can call the Law Firm of Mr. Butler, the possessor of the office of criminal law found in Houston. He will follow the court process to do everything for you. You can contact them as soon as possible to get a free consultation.

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