DUI Arrest In Houston: How Can You Handle It Well?

Top 3 Things You Should Avoid When Facing Houston DUI Arrests

Just imagine the scene. You get into your vehicle following a couple of drinks out with friends. You turn the key and grab the wheel, shut your eyes for a brief moment, and pause. You assume you are safe to hit the road since you have only indulged in a few drinks.

Now you exit the parking lot and travel the first hundred feet. In no time at all, you notice flashing lights behind you, and you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. You get goosebumps as you hear the sirens blaring. The police are pulling you over.

If it is possible for you to maintain composure and keep the following advice in mind, you can minimize the impact. By understanding this guidance, you can reduce the likelihood that the cops will be able to build a strong DUI case against you.

1. Roll down the window and get hold of your vehicle registration, driver’s license, and insurance card immediately.

You will need to get the window down anyhow, and doing so quickly can help dissipate any lingering odor of alcohol that may be present. You may be able to get rid of an offending smell by the time the police officer gets to your car.

Officers are always going to request your documentation, and you are required to provide them anyhow. But, you are not required by law to show them anything other than that.

2. Only give “yes” or “no” answers to law enforcement officers.

Once you have provided the requested documents, stare straight at the windshield of the car. Try not to look directly at the cop, because doing so offers them more of a chance to notice bloodshot eyes or any other indicators of intoxication. The more you can do to prevent the collection of observations of this nature, the better off you will be down the road.

3. Do not do anything else.

If you are asked to perform any field sobriety tests, say no. Never agree to anything. Going beyond the act of providing necessary documentation will almost surely help the police build evidence for a DUI charge.

Never assume that you can defeat a DUI test because the truth is that you can’t. What you can do is refuse cooperation with field sobriety testing or breath tests. Stay firm on this.

Of course, this could cause the police to arrest you right away, and while that is definitely an uncomfortable and humiliating spot to be in, long-term, it is better than ultimately helping the authorities build a DUI case against you that could result in far more serious consequences.

By heeding the above tips, you can do yourself a world of good in terms of preventing the accumulation of evidence toward a DUI charge that otherwise might be gathered by police on the scene of a traffic stop.

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