The Negative Effects Of A Houston Alcoholic Drinks To Your Brain

What Really Happens When You Get Drunk In Houston?

When you get drunk, you’ll typically show a number of visible effects that are quite embarrassing. For example, you may sing your favorite song at the top of your lungs or you may even end up vomiting on one of your friends. With that said, what happens when you do get drunk?

So, it’s finally the weekend and you’ve decided to let loose and have a beer or a glass of wine after you’ve had a tough week at work or school. One of the first things you need to keep in mind is that alcohol is actually a drug. As a result, what happens when you take this drug depends heavily on the amount of alcohol you consume as well as how quickly you drink it. It should be noted that the majority of drugs affect the body in very specific ways, however, that is not so with alcohol.

Alcohol can be likened to a bomb. Basically, once you start drinking, the alcohol which is also known as ethanol goes quickly to your stomach and gets absorbed in your blood which results in it being easily spread in your body. Your body’s initial reaction to alcohol is to treat it like poison and it then tries to counter or get rid of it.

There are two different phases when drinking alcohol the first phase is where you will feel quite happy and even euphoric. It actually causes the release of some dopamine and also lowers your personal inhibitions. This creates lots of feel-good emotions that everyone loves.

Then, the second phase is the depressive phase because alcohol is actually a depressant. After you’ve had numerous beers or glasses of your preferred alcohol, you’ll start to become a bit clumsy and your reaction will start to slow down. Your vision will also become a bit blurred and these are the depressive effects of drinking a lot of alcohol.

In your brain, there is an inhibitory transmitter Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid or GABA, and the effects of this acid increase upon drinking alcohol. This acid is actually responsible for slowing down physical responses and when it is activated by alcohol, it will cause you to have very slow movements and you’ll also likely have some form of impaired speech.

As a result of this, when you’re drinking alcohol, you should definitely avoid making any impactful decisions. Basically, due to the fact that alcohol causes the behavioral inhibitory centers in your brain to become depressed, it actually makes you do things or agree to do things that you would likely not do if you were not drinking alcohol and were completely sober.

Regular urination is also quite common and many people find that they need to pee even if they’ve just done so. This occurs because your body is trying to get rid of the alcohol in your system and thus your liver starts working overtime for this to happen. Alcohol actually blocks vasopressin which is your antidiuretic hormone that is necessary so that your kidney doesn’t try to get rid of too much water and instead, reabsorbs it. However, once this particular hormone is blocked due to alcohol consumption, then you’ll need to pee more frequently. The volume of the urine you’ll excrete would actually be more than how much alcohol you’re drinking which causes dehydration and hangovers.

Lastly, you may also find yourself wanting to become sexually active as it also stimulates the sex drive. However, with that said, it, unfortunately, reduces your sexual response which means that you may have performance issues. As a result, alcohol is certainly not great for sex.

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