DUI Lawyer Covers The 6 Things To Do If You Were Stopped For DUI In Houston Tx

Important Steps To Follow If You Are Stopped For Driving Under The Influence (DUI)

Driving under the influence is a serious offense that can see your driver’s license revoked, or even worse, land you in prison. While you shouldn’t drink and drive, you definitely need to know how to defend yourself or take measures to avoid making the case worse if stopped for DUI. Outlined below are a few tips and steps to take when stopped as a suspect for DUI.

1. Remain Quiet And Calm If You Were Stopped For A DUI

Remember the officer that pulled you over can arrest and even take you to jail if you are abusive or disrespectful. To avoid embarrassing yourself or landing in jail, say as little as you are required. Remaining calm and quiet will even show how cooperative you were should it be on tape.

2. Do As The Officer Asks

The officer of the law may ask for a license and registration, proof of insurance, and even ask you to step out of the car. While you should do as asked, you don’t have to take a field sobriety test or answer some of their questions.

3. Sobriety Test

Field sobriety tests are designed as a trap to make you fail. For this reason, try not to take any of it. While this may probably land you in jail for a couple of hours or days, the arresting officer cannot use the results against you in court.

4. The Breather Test

Refusing to take the breath test could lead to the suspension of your driver’s license. If you, however, have been drinking, it is probably best to avoid the test and lawyer up. Having a good DUI lawyer Houston TX can, however, help beat the case, and have the license reinstated.

5. Refuse A Blood Test If No Warrant Is Produced If You Were Stopped For A DUI

You don’t have to submit to a blood test even on ‘no refusal’ weekends. The arresting officer will have to provide an order for you to take the test. This could give you some time for alcohol levels to dip before the test is done. In addition to this, a good DUI lawyer in Houston TX may be able to suppress the results in a court of law.

6. Call Butler Law firm DUI Lawyer Houston TX Services

Refusing to take the field sobriety test, blood test, and breath test will most likely land you in jail. You’ll, therefore, have to call your attorney to brief him/her on the ‘incident’. The lawyer will then take matters and represent you in court. He/she will also be able to challenge the suspension of your license before 15 days expire.

Whether you were drunk or simply decided you don’t want to take these tests, being charged with DUI can be expensive or even land you in jail. Regardless of your status, you’ll need to lawyer up to fight the case or have the charges reduced to what you can afford. Either way, you can avoid all the stress and drama by taking a cab or even having a designated driver should you drink too much. Preventing the problem is much better than fighting for your freedom in a cell.

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