Are You Having Trouble Getting A Job With A DUI Charge On Your Record? See What A Houston DUI Attorney Had To Say

Top 5 Tips To Get A Job With A DUI Charge From A DUI Attorney In Houston

Anyone who has received a DUI knows how challenging and complicated it can be to get a job. Landing a job is not impossible with a DUI record though. You can still find a job with many employers if you are completely honest and can convince them that your mistake is in the past and will not happen again.

Learn What Your Rights Are When Applying For Jobs With A DUI Charge On Your Record

The first thing you can do before going to an interview is do a background search on yourself. You’ll want to perform a background search on yourself to see what your employers may find when they do one. You may even notice that your DUI record is gone due to the length of time that has been since you received it. You may also notice that your background check may have criminal errors. For example, you may notice that your records include information about someone else or there may be duplicate information. The last thing you want is for an employer who seems to DUI record on your background check due to an error. If you do find some errors in your background be sure to contact the people that can help remove them. Some states allow you to get rid of your DUI from your record.

Be Honest With Them

You may be tempted to not mention your DUI record to the current employer your having an interview with. You may especially do this if the incident happened when you were younger. You may think that the employer will not care about the incidents that happened when you were in your teenage years. Sometimes they do not. You just want to go ahead and be honest with the employer because you do not want them to find the information and wonder why you lied to them while doing the interview. Most employers perform background checks so it is smarter just to let them know ahead of time. They may also disqualify you from other future job opportunities.

Don’t Mention Your DUI Charge Right Away

Many employers will not ask about your criminal record so you do not have to mention it in the first interview. You do not want to include a DUI record in your cover letter, also do not mention it on a phone screening or your first meeting with the interviewer unless they bring it up. You should wait until the employer has a significant interest in you before you bring up your DUI record. You will want to do this so you’ll have a least a little rapport built up before you tell them you have a DUI. Doing this will usually give you some wiggle room for you to explain your DUI situation to the employer.

Explain the Situation Behind The DUI Charge On Your Record

You should explain your DUI and what you learn from it to the employer so they are less concerned about hiring you. For example, you can tell them that the DUI happened while you were attending college and you didn’t understand the dangers of drinking alcohol and driving. You can also tell them you joined an alcohol program to stop drinking and also ended relationships with people who influenced you to drink. You should also look now that you do not drink and drive anymore.

If you need help fighting off a DUI be sure to contact the top DUI attorney in Houston. They will be able to help you out in your legal situation.

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