A Complete Guide To Prevent DUI/DWI Charge In Houston Pt 1

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Top 10 Tips On Preventing DUI/DWI

Part 1

It is devastating and embarrassing to get arrested and convicted for driving while under the influence or driving while intoxicated. When a driver gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs, he puts their lives in danger and the lives of other motorists and road users on that highway. It may end up resulting in jail time, hefty fines, and ruining the driver’s reputation. The tips below will help you avoid drunk driving and its dire consequences:

1. Have A Designated Driver On Stand By

If you intend to go out on a drinking spree, organize to have a driver who does not drink during that event. The driver should be of solid morals and ethics and behave as expected. They should also have everyone’s address to drop them where they are supposed to be dropped, have their clients’ emergency contacts, and a valid driver’s license.

2. Choose To Use Public Transport

When friends go out drinking, they need to use a public means of transport. They can organize to use a taxi, the train, or a bus, instead of using the services of a designated driver. An advantage of public transport is that it is cheap and a safe way to get home.

3. Plan To Sleep Over Or Get A Hotel

A clever way to avoid driving under the influence of DWI is by making arrangements to book a hotel or sleepover after a night of drinking during an event or party. By so doing, you will have more fun not having to worry about how you will get back home.

4. Take Or Hide A Person’s Keys

If you feel tempted to drive after a party, consider giving your drinking buddies your car keys to prevent you from driving under the influence. To protects your friends, take their car keys and keep them for them to prevent them from driving while drunk. By simply hiding a person’s car keys, you will have successfully prevented them from getting a DWI charge.

5. Have Different Drinks In The Party(Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic)

There are several intelligent measures that party hosts can put in place to prevent their friends from driving under the influence. The hosts can incorporate alternatives such as juice, soda, and water into the menu. Non-alcoholic drinks will play a significant role in diluting the alcohol, reducing the effects of alcohol intake on their guests.

6. Offer Food

At a party where you will serve alcohol to guests, food should always be available. It becomes easier to absorb alcohol on a full stomach than on an empty stomach. The hosts should provide snacks and solid foods such as meat and bread to the guests. By doing so, the guests will not get wasted and try to drive home.

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