A Complete Guide To Prevent DUI/DWI Charge In Houston Pt 2

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Top 10 Tips On Preventing DUI/DWI

Part 2

7. Cut Off The Alcohol Hours Before Guests Start Leaving

Hosts should cut off the alcohol or keg supply several hours before the party comes to an end. It will prevent the guests from getting drunk and wanting to drive home. The hours will also help them sober up and be fit to drive when going home.

8. Have A Close Look At Your Guests

Good hosts will pay close attention to guests drinking and those not drinking. If a guest drives themselves to the party and starts drinking, the host should make plans for the guest to be chauffeured back home or make arrangements for a sleepover. By doing so, they will have kept the drunk guests from driving while under the influence.

9. Call Their Loved Ones

If a friend is too drunk to drive themselves, call a friend, family member, or their mutual other to come and pick them up from the party. If they fail to show up, the host should seek services from a taxi driver or have the guests sleep over for the night until they are fit to drive.

10. Start The Party Early

Starting a party early gives the guests ample time to drink and have fun before leaving to go back to their residences. By the time they decide to leave, they will have sobered up and are fit to drive home. By finishing the party early, the guests will also easily access public transport back home.

By simply taking suitable precautions, lots of drivers will be protected from DWIs/DUI. Public transportation, having designated drivers, and other intelligent choices made by hosts and friends ensure people don’t drive while under the influence endangering their lives and the lives of other road users. Accidents hurt people, jobs are lost, lives are lost, and property worth millions burn up in flames.

Don’t Drink And Drive!

Have A Designated Driver!

Save Lives!

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