Why You Desperately Need DWI Attorney In Houston Pt 2

7 Reasons To Hire Houston DWI Lawyer

Part 2

(Continuation)Having an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle can be embarrassing and cause significant anxiety for anyone who gets in your car. In addition, these devices are expensive, and you are responsible for buying and installing the device. However, when you work with a DUI attorney, they can help get the case reduced and have this device requirement waived.

Best Houston DWI Lawyer - Harris County DUI Attorney - Drinking And Driving Houston5. Keep Your License

Your license is instantly restricted till further notice when you get arrested for DUI. As a result, you cannot drive anywhere during the period when you will be dealing with your court proceedings. On the other hand, a DUI attorney can help get your charges minimized so you can get your license once your case has been resolved.

If you do not work with an attorney, you risk losing your driving license for up to a year from when your case will be decided. This can seriously affect your social, home, and work life. You can lose your license for an even more extended period if it is not your first case.

6. Future Employability

When not handled properly, a DUI can go on your criminal record. This can affect your current employment and inhibit you when you apply for new jobs.

When you hire a DUI attorney, they will do everything to ensure the charges stay at a minimum, so you are not subjected to having a criminal record. Instead, you may only have to pay some fines and do community service to keep your DUI information private. You can easily save yourself from the embarrassment of getting rejected for a job you are applying for by hiring an attorney to handle your case.

7. Avoid Testing Requirements

The penalties you may suffer as punishment for driving under the influence are burdensome and expensive, not to forget the random urinalysis tests. You will have to report to a testing facility once every day to determine if you are needed to test. Missing a test can affect your probation, meaning you will end up in jail.

If you have limited transportation or are always working, it can be challenging to adhere to testing requirements. It is worth stating that you may lose your license for a specific period, and this can prevent you from being able to make your testing appointments.

Hiring an experienced DUI attorney near you is an excellent idea as they can help have this penalty deleted or reduced so you can maintain a regular life. However, if you do not have an attorney, it is unlikely that you will convince the judge to reject a testing requirement from your case.

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Your best bet against spending your savings on ridiculous fines or spending time in jail is hiring a DUI attorney to work on your case. Find an attorney in your locality and ensure that they specifically deal with cases in your county or the county where you got arrested. Doing so ensures the attorney is well versed in the technicalities of your case, and they may even have a good relationship with the judge who is handling your case. Talk to us today or contact us for more information on what to do with your DUI case in Houston. Click here for the first article in this series.