DUI/DWI Case In Houston: How To Avoid Conviction, Jail & Fines? Part II

Tips To Avoid A DUI/DWI Conviction In Texas

Part 2

If you choose to take alcohol, ensure you keep your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) low. For instance, you should:

  1. Tips For Avoiding A DUI In HoustonRemember that typical drinks such as wine, beer, and spirits can have the same levels of pure alcohol. As such, they will be the same in your Breathalyzer.
  2. Keep in mind the fact that Breathalyzer tests are not highly reliable and could exaggerate your BAC. As such, keep your BAC below the maximum legal limit possible. Keeping a low BAC level will negate the chances of crashes, and injuries, and could save your life.
  3. Test your BAC using your personal alcohol breath tester. Keep in mind that such testers are highly inaccurate when compared to the equipment the police use. This is another reason to stay below the legal limit.
  4. Remember your BAC will keep rising even after you stop drinking.
  5. Know that after peaking, your BAC will drop about 0.015 per hour. Therefore, if you have a BAC of 0.05, it will take about 3.33 hours for the levels to drop to 0.00 (0.05 divided by 0.015 give you 3.33). A higher BAC of 0.08 takes about 5.33 to drop to 0.00. You should also consider that your body produces alcohol all the time.
  6. East munchies or food as you drink.
  7. Delay taking your first drink when you are at a gathering.
  8. Pace your drinks intake. Do not take more than one drink every hour to keep your BAC low.
  9. Take some non-alcoholic drinks in between alcoholic drinks.
  10. Sip, savor, and enjoy your drinks. Avoid gulping them.
  11. Avoid drinking games.
  12. Avoid punches or any drinks that come in unusually shaped or sized containers. It is hard to know the amount of alcohol in such drinks. Therefore, pacing yourself becomes difficult.
  13. You can still get charged with DUI/DWI even when your BAC is under the legal limit. Avoid being pulled over by keeping your car in good working order. Do not drive with a bad taillight as you will automatically get stopped. Obey all the traffic lights as you drive. Use your signals as you change lanes and do not make rolling stops. If you get pulled over, be polite.
  14. Note that the only sure-proof ways of avoiding a DUI/DWI are not drinking at all or using a designated driver.

These will help you negate the chances of a DUI or DWI and the trouble and expenses it comes with it. If you are arrested for a DUI/DWI, you ought to contact a lawyer whose specialty is defending DUI/DWI cases. While we oppose impaired driving, we support the U.S. Constitution and the protections it stipulates for the innocent and guilty.

Choose Atty. Jim Butler

Jim handles 100% DWI cases and he devotes his time and resources to giving his clients the best representation possible. While Jim does not endorse drunk driving, he also believes and has experienced innocent people being needlessly arrested. These are his main driving forces behind being a DUI lawyer.
“Many Texas residents do not realize that it is perfectly legal for an adult to drink alcohol and drive – as long as they maintain their physical and mental faculties. Unfortunately, the vast majority of field sobriety tests performed do not give the whole picture – the test taker is tired or nervous, or if they have a medical condition, they might “fail” the test despite not being intoxicated,” Jim says.

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