How To Overcome DWI Charge In Texas Pt 3

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A Helpful Ideas To Beat Houston DWI Charge

Part 3


DWI falls under the more severe misdemeanor offenses according to the Penal Code in Texas. The fine can go up to $6,000 depending on BAC, and in the case of a first-time wrongdoer with no criminal record, they can still be sentenced for up to 1 year. Most individuals wonder if a DWI charge is serious, and the answer is a resounding yes. This is why it’s crucial to have a strong defense if you want to beat the charge.

What does a DWI cost in Texas?

A DWI is costly. And getting imprisoned can turn out to be an even bigger financial burden. It’s hard to place a value on whether it’s worth it to evade getting incarcerated and the likelihood of having a permanent criminal charge.

Is a DWI in Texas a Felony?

DWI charges for first-time offenders fall under Class B Misdemeanors, although they can be heightened for a range of factors. A first-time DWI can face imprisonment, court fines worth thousands of dollars, permanent criminal convictions, and loss of driving privileges.

How long does a DWI stay on a driving record in Texas?

A DWI will remain on your permanent record. If it was terminated without heading to trial, it can be removed and deleted via expunction. If the DWI charge led to imprisonment, it can be sealed through a motion of nondisclosure.


DWI first-time wrongdoers in Texas can face an imprisonment period of up to one year. While awaiting trial, the judge won’t count the time that passes. Therefore, even if facing jail time is unlikely for first-time wrongdoers, it’s very much a possibility. That’s why you need to have a strong defense to beat the DUI charge.

How long is probation for Texas DWI?

The maximum trial period for misdemeanor DWI offenses in Texas is 2 years. And the maximum trial period for a felony DWI offense is 10 years.

How long can you go to jail for DWI in Texas?

If sentenced for a DWI, the maximum duration of imprisonment for misdemeanors is one year in county jail, felonies are 2 years in state jail, and a prison term of 10 years for felony DWI.

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