The Benefits Of Contacting A DUI Lawyer In Houston Pt 2

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Top 9 Reasons To Hire A Houston DUI Lawyer

Part 2

(Continuation) They will go through it in detail and comb through everything to ensure that the facts are laid out. A lawyer will help you prepare a defense when the charges are filed against you. Having investigative skills is pertinent to ensuring you can put the best case forward for yourself.

5. Keeping Your Record Clean

One of the biggest problems with getting arrested with a DUI is that it can negatively impact your life in a lot of ways. When you get caught drinking and driving, your professional life can be destroyed. It’s something that stays on your record for a minimum of 6 years. Therefore, a mistake you made in your early twenties can negatively impact you well into your mid to late twenties. You may find it difficult to find someone to hire you. You could find that you don’t pass a lot of employment background checks because of it. Anything you can do to keep your record clean should be done. Hiring a lawyer is one of the only ways to avoid a permanent criminal record because they can present the best case for yourself.

6. Keep Your Driver’s License

Another major problem a lot of people face when they are caught drinking and driving is losing their license. It’s very common to lose driving privileges when you get caught and charged with a DUI. Luckily, a DUI lawyer can help to prevent your license from getting revoked. They can present sufficient evidence that you need your license and they can reduce your punishment to allow you to keep your license in certain instances. Even if you do get convicted of a DUI, having a lawyer there to represent you makes it much more likely you get to keep your license.

7. Get Professional Advice

Having an experienced DUI attorney on your side is one of the best things you can do. It will allow you to get someone on your side that you can seek advice from. They know the ins and out’s of traffic law and DUI laws. This helps you because it can allow you to make better and more informed decisions. Having key insights into the law can help you put together the best case.

8. Character References

A good and experienced lawyer is likely to provide you with a very detailed character reference. This ensures that you get someone to back up your character. You will find that some people do not provide good character references and it makes you look bad. A good lawyer with experience can ensure that you are putting yourself in the best light with these references.

9. Existing Relationships

An underrated benefit of hiring a DUI lawyer is that you will get someone that has existing relationships with lawyers, police, and judges. They will have relationships with these key people that will help them come up with the best legal defense. They will know what works with certain judges and what doesn’t. This can be a major advantage because it can give you critical insights that can be used to your advantage.

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