Why You Should Hire An Experienced Houston DUI Attorney

Reasons To Ask A Help From Skilled DUI Lawyer In Houston

A DUI attorney should be the first thing that comes to your mind when/if arrested for driving while intoxicated. Only a good attorney can help prove your innocence and/or fight any charges the arresting officer might have against you. Very many things can go wrong should you choose to represent yourself. Outlined below are some of the reasons and advantages of hiring a DUI attorney.

All the DA (District Attorney) needs to do is prove that you were indeed driving while intoxicated. Without proper representation, you could face a possible jail time, substantial fines, a criminal record, or even have your license revoked if convicted of the same. A single conviction will put a huge dent in your life in general, making it almost impossible to secure formal employment or even lose your driving privileges. How will this dent my future? You may ask. Here are two reasons how and why you should have an experienced DWI defense lawyer by your side.

Did you feel perfectly capable of driving the car without risking your life and that of other road users? Perhaps you weren’t drunk but had taken a prescription drug that might have affected your ability to drive. Whatever the reason is, a good DWI defense attorney will strive to ensure your legal rights are protected, as well as secure your freedom and future. DWI defense lawyers specialize in these cases, hence know how to dissect your case and the right approach to use to prove your innocence. Experienced attorneys will go the extra mile to prove your arrest was unwarranted by taking all factors into consideration.

Did the officers arrest you simply because you couldn’t ‘walk in the line’? Although this might be enough for the prosecutor to build a case against you, a good lawyer might be able to make their claim obsolete. He/she will only need to know what tests were used to determine/measure your BAC levels. In most of these tests, devices used aren’t always 100% accurate and might have malfunctioned in your case. The attorney will also look for other ways to have the case dismissed, such as if the arresting office searched your car or property without proper warranty. These minor inaccuracies and weaknesses give the attorney a fighting chance to secure your freedom and future.

The last thing you want is to be convicted of driving while intoxicated, especially in Indiana. Among other penalties, you may be forced to have an ignition interlock device installed on your car or pay more for insurance premiums. Most insurance companies will charge arm and leg for individuals convicted of driving while intoxicated. Second and third offenders might also not be that lucky, as they could have their licenses revoked or even sentenced to serve time. A good lawyer will strive to keep you out of jail and even have the case thrown out of court.

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