Can a DWI get Dismissed? Here’s What You Need to Know

All over the country, there are people charged with DWI every day. Each situation is different, and due to this, there isn’t one straight answer that can be given regarding this question. However, if you meet some of these stipulations below, you may have a chance of getting the case dismissed.

There a lot of common misconceptions about a DUI Charge. What they don’t know is a lawyer can drop a DWI case if it’s the client’s first offense. If the person that has been charged has led a pretty clean life up to that point and shows that they have been a productive member of society the judge may be willing to grant some leniency. This can depend on the state that the offense occurred, however, as some states have outlawed this discretion completely through other means. The best way to learn more about your situation is to seek the assistance of a criminal lawyer, especially one that has experience in this specific area. The chances of getting such a case dismissed on your own are next to none.

There are things you should know after your first DUI. You may able to have the case dropped is if you refused to blow. This leaves very little evidence to prosecute you. While they may have you on camera doing a field sobriety test, that may not be able to prove fully that you were too intoxicated to drive. This is because the legal limit is much lower than where people begin to show outward signs of intoxication. If you did refuse to allow tests your lawyer, may be able to plea bargain a lesser charge or have the case dismissed altogether. With that said, depending on where it occurred, you may have other situations that you have to deal with through the DMV or other agency.

Other situations that increase the chances that you may be able to get some leniency with your case is if you take action before going to court by completing a driver’s class regarding substance abuse. Another is if you seek counseling or other treatment. It is showing the judge that you take responsibility for what had occurred and realize how serious the matter is. Of course, this is all still case by case. Every judge is different. An experienced attorney is the best place to find an answer to where you stand with the legal system. You should also know what steps you can take after a DUI arrest.

The most important thing you can do to increase the chances of having your case drop is to immediately contact a lawyer. In Houston DWI attorneys are always available. The sooner you have representation the better the outcome of your case will be. They have the experience to inform you of the best steps to take and where you stand in regards to fighting the charge. In most cases, they are familiar with the judges and how they respond to these cases. They even know how specifics of your situation will be viewed in court. Attempting to navigate the legal system on your own is, while noble, not advised.

If you have never needed to hire a lawyer before it is only natural to wonder where to even begin. The best route to take is to do some research. Find a high-quality attorney in your area that has experience dealing with DWI cases. They will be able to give you the best advice given your situation. Taking some time to do your research will ensure that you will have the best possible outcome. You may not be able to have the charges dropped completely, but a lawyer can help you to have the least amount of financial punishment as is allowed by law.