What You Should Know About Drunk Driver Lawsuits

Drunk Drivers Lawsuits

There are several ways to file a Drunk Drivers Lawsuit. The process involves the civil justice system, insurance companies, and a criminal case against the drunk driver. In a criminal case, the driver may be punished by being fined or even imprisoned. In most cases, the victim is not entitled to compensation, but there may be circumstances in which they can get compensation.

Can You Sue a Drunk Driver?

DUI Lawyer Role in Houston A drunk driver may be responsible for your accident, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t file a lawsuit. Most people get at least a few thousand dollars for their injuries, and the damages they incur are considerable. A drunk driver might also face criminal charges, which can wipe out any savings you have and curtail your ability to receive compensation. However, if you’re the victim of a drunk driving accident, you may be able to make a case for punitive damages.

In Texas, you can sue a drunk driver for injuries that result from the accident. The total damage compensation you receive will depend on the injuries you suffered, the severity of the injuries, and the impact of the injuries on your life. There is no average amount of money that you can claim against a drunk driver, as each case is unique.

If you suffered a serious injury from a drunk driver, you may be able to sue them for your medical bills, lost wages, and other non-economic losses. If you were injured while working in a bar that served alcohol or didn’t cut off the driver before driving drunk, you may also be able to file a worker’s compensation claim. However, if you wish to pursue a claim for damages, you should consult a personal injury attorney.

When to Sue a Drunk Driver?

When to Sue a Drunk Driver? can be a difficult question. The answer depends on the circumstances of the case and the type of injury that occurred. Personal injuries, for example, can be emotional or physical. Whether they are physical or psychological, they must have been caused by the drunk driver’s misconduct or driving while intoxicated. If there was a threat to the plaintiff’s life, for example, a civil suit could be filed.

A qualified drunk driving lawyer will be able to trace the steps that led to the accident using the discovery process and the testimonies of witnesses. If a business or a restaurant served the driver alcohol, this information may be useful for building a case against the establishment. If the driver failed to follow directions from the bar, for example, warning signs, he or she may be liable for the accident.

A lawsuit filed against a drunk driver is time-sensitive. It can take two years to file. Generally, it is recommended to consult an attorney as soon as possible after the accident. While the deadline to file a lawsuit is two years from the date of the accident, it can be pushed back until the citation is resolved. Because drunk driving charges can be more complicated, involving more witnesses, and going to a jury trial, the statute of limitations may be longer than in other cases.

Evidence in Drunk Driving Accident

When it comes to litigating drunk driving accidents, the relevance of evidence is critical. In Texas, for example, a drunk driver was cited for hitting a pedestrian on a highway. In the case of a drunk driver, the accident occurred at the time of the driver’s intoxication, and the driver’s intoxication was found to be the root cause. In addition to drunk drivers, underage drivers can also be held liable for drunk driving accidents.

The evidence that you collect in a drunk driving case can be scientific or personal, depending on the circumstances. For instance, if the driver has a high blood alcohol level, you can obtain this information through a criminal trial. Alternatively, you can get the testimony of a witness who witnessed the accident. If you have been involved in a drunk driving accident, you need to consult a local attorney who will act on your behalf and make your case.

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