Is It Possible For A Judge To Dismiss Your Houston DUI Case? Pt 1

Knowing If A Judge Can Dismiss A DUI Charge

Part 1

A DUI charge can remain on many individual’s records for life. This is also why most people are willing to do what they can to have these charges dismissed or overturned to avoid these devastating life-long consequences.

In Houston, the law can mean that people who are facing DUI charges often face one or more of these consequences:

  • Fines
  • License suspension
  • Loss of employment
  • Jail time
  • Finding it difficult to find a job in the future
  • Prohibited from entering certain countries

Unfortunately, it is very rare for a judge to dismiss a DUI charge. It may be concerning that it is very unlikely for a judge to dismiss DUI charges, but, with assistance from the right lawyer, it is possible to reduce the consequences that you might have to face. Your attorney might be successful in getting the charge turned into a “reckless driving” charge instead.

If you were recently caught driving while “under the influence” and you were charged, you can improve your chance of getting your charges dropped when you hire an experienced and expert DUI attorney.

Butler Law Firm is based in Houston and has extensive experience when it comes to dealing with DUI cases. Our firm works tirelessly to help our clients get their charges reduced or dismissed as we fully understand how consequences are often life-changing in association with DUI charges. If someone you care about or you has recently been charged, it’s vital to contact us now, since the faster you deal with the charge, the more you improve your chances of getting your charge reduced or dropped.

What Is The Percentage Of DUI Cases That Get Dismissed?

Even though it’s not often that DUI charges will be dismissed by a judge, it does still happen. However, it is more common for these cases to be lowered to a less serious charge such as reckless driving. This is a reduction that is often significantly beneficial since the consequences relating to this lesser charge are a lot more favorable in comparison to a DUI. In Houston, the law will mean that DUI cases often remain on your record for the remainder of your life, which results in life-long implications.

On average, in Houston, about 30-40% of DUI cases get lowered to a reduced charge, for example, reckless driving.

In just about all of these cases where charges were reduced or dismissed, a skilled and reputable defense lawyer played a significant role. For this reason, if you are currently facing DUI charges, finding an experienced DUI lawyer is vitally important. Butler Law Firm is backed by immense experience when it comes to handling DUI cases, which means you can be sure that your DUI case will be dealt with by the most skilled and qualified professionals in Houston. Call us today for your free consultation.

What Will It Mean To Get A DUI Case Dismissed?

If you are fortunate enough to get your DUI case dropped, it doesn’t mean that you will get away with every implication relating to your charge. One of the implications that will remain is when the police officer arrested you. This will display on your record when a criminal background check is completed. You might also need to disclose that you were arrested in specific situations at a later stage, such as when you apply for a job. For this reason, even though the case was dismissed, the arrest can still have a drastic consequence for future job prospects.

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