How Can A Houston DUI Attorney Assist You

5 Important Things A DUI Lawyer Can Do In Houston

A seasoned lawyer can do many things well that many DUI defendants can find it challenging to do to a certain degree. And we are not referring to everyday things such as changing your vehicle’s oil. In this sort of case, you will be staking your freedom.

To emphasize further on this point, here are some things a DUI attorney can do you can’t and probably wouldn’t even know how to go about it by yourself:

DUI Helpful Ideas in Houston1. Advice You To Remain Silent When It Matters

One of the advantages of having somebody representing you besides yourself is that a competent DUI lawyer can advise you on when to shut up. A good DUI attorney might also advise against taking the stand to defend yourself. This is because you might be opening yourself up for a grilling at the hands of prosecutors.

2. Are Conversant With The Courts Inside & Out

Unless you have been in and out of criminal court a lot – which we hope not – a local DUI lawyer will be more experienced and more familiar in the court compared to you. And while your DUI lawyer might not stand in front of a judge that much like a public defender, you can enlist a lawyer with the right amount of experience dealing with local juries, judges, and local court compliance.

3. Monitor Legal Deadlines & Filings

There are various steps involved in a DUI case with deadlines that may possibly elude you. For instance, if you don’t demand to get the police dash cam footage within time, then crucial evidence of suspected police misconduct may get lost. There might be a variety of motions that will need filling in your DUI case, and your lawyer is more than equipped to submit the necessary documentation before the deadlines.

4. Negotiate With Prosecutors

DUI lawyers work with tough prosecutors all the time to find alternatives to jail time or hammer out plea deals from drunk driving offenders. These lawyers have got years of trust, goodwill, and the negotiating awareness you lack. Most prosecutors won’t even attempt to have a sit down with a defendant that’s representing herself or himself.

5. Assist To Remove Your Conviction

Even if you got evicted, a DUI lawyer could potentially assist you in getting the conviction removed so that it won’t impact your chances of future employment or credit. These procedures are incredibly state-specific and local courtrooms, and a seasoned lawyer will know exactly what to do.

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