Criminal Sanctions For DWI’s Resulting In Injury

Butler Law Firm | Houston DWI LawyerWhat You Need To Know About DWIs Resulting In Injury

According to section 49.07 of the Texas Penal Code, a driver who causes serious bodily injury to another can be found guilty of the crime of intoxication assault. This is a very serious offense that is classified as a felony. If you wish to safeguard your future prospects and avoid the most severe punishments, it makes good sense to familiarize yourself with some key facts about the charges lodged against you.

Intoxication Assault, Defined

Intoxication assault occurs if one individual inflicts serious bodily harm on another person while driving under the influence of alcohol. Bodily injury, for the purposes of this criminal charge, means any sort of harm that produces organ or body part impairment, functional loss, or permanent physical disfigurement. An injury that places the victim in jeopardy of death also qualifies.

DWI punishments are not restricted just to the drivers of the vehicles involved. Individuals who operate boats, airplanes, amusement park rides, or other sorts of vehicles with a dangerously high blood alcohol level can be found guilty of intoxication assault if another sustains a serious injury as a result.

Intoxication Assault Sanctions

There can be no doubt that the penalties imposed for harming others while driving drunk or drugged are extremely onerous. DWIs that produce major injuries are considered felonies of the third degree. Sentences are harsh, and they may include incarceration, costly fines, and community service requirements. Potential punishments for this crime are 2-10 years imprisonment, upwards of $10,000 in monetary fines, at least 160 hours of community service, and possibly more.

If the vehicle at issue was driven in an especially dangerous manner, prosecutors may consider it a deadly instrumentality, a classification that can raise the seriousness of the criminal charges filed. Convictions on this particular felony offense can make it extremely difficult to secure employment and lead a productive life for years after the fact.

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