Defending Yourself Against First DUI Charge In Houston

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Is It Worth Your Time To Fight A First DUI Charge?

When it comes to traffic violations, it is a common belief that is a better idea to just pay the fine rather than go to the extra cost and effort to fight the charge. However, this does not apply to DUI charges. A DUI is a much more serious charge and unlike other traffic violations, won’t just add points to your driving record but can result in an immediate license suspension and may even result in jail time. Plus, a DUI stays on your record permanently and can have life-long consequences in the future.

Strategies To Defend Against A DUI

Most people believe that DUI cases are open and shut. However, these cases are often more complicated than you assume. There is a procedure that must be followed by officers when you are pulled over under the suspicion of a DUI and during your arrest. If the officer did not follow the procedures, then evidence that they collected may not be entered or if they did not have probable cause to stop you, this can form part of your defense strategy.

You also have certain rights that must be upheld. If you were not read your rights or your rights were infringed on, the charges against you may be invalid and your case can be dismissed. The breathalyzer and breath test results can also be called into question as they are not always accurate. The person performing the breath or chemical test may not have been trained or qualified to do so.

It is important to discuss the various defense strategies that may be available to you with regard to your unique case with your lawyer.

First Time DUI Conviction Penalties In Texas

If fighting the DUI charge against you seems like too much effort and hiring a lawyer too expensive, then consider the alternative – a DUI conviction. If you plead guilty to the charges or do not have a valid defense when you show up in court, you face the following penalties for a first DUI conviction:

  • A minimum fine of $250 and a maximum of $500
  • Alcohol education classes for 12 months
  • A maximum of six months jail time
  • Up to one year probation
  • 50 hours of community service
  • Driver’s license suspension for a minimum of 180 days

Working With An Experienced DUI Defense Lawyer In Houston

If you have been charged with a DUI, then you need to contact Butler Law Firm in Houston as a matter of urgency. Our experienced team will assess your case and develop a defense strategy that is unique to your circumstances. Our goal is to get the charges against you dismissed or to reduce the penalties that you face to the bare minimum. Contact us or call us today to schedule an appointment and get the ball rolling. Visit our blog for more related articles.