Choosing A DUI Lawyer: 8 Qualities You Must Consider

If unfortunate circumstances resulted in you having a DUI charge on your head, it’s best to remember to proceed with an attorney at your side. In this instance, you should put finding a reputable attorney at the top of your to-do list. With so many options, it can be quite hard to select the right DUI lawyer for you. You also need to know when to hire a DUI lawyer since there are some situations you need to consider first. The following tips will be effective in your selection process and will help you


When you choose an attorney, the first main thing you’ll need to know is how experienced he or she is. Experience is crucial in this matter while everything else can be equal. Before you make a random selection, remember that experience is key. An experienced attorney will be more helpful than someone who isn’t. 

Experienced attorneys tend to have a winning streak and they are usually more successful. So before you select an attorney, be sure to enquire about his or her experience level. 

Look For A Local Counsel

If you’re positive that you need to go on trial, ask first how much does it cost for a DWI Lawyer. That is the least important thing when compared to his skills. While searching for someone, don’t forget to consider how successful he was with his trial practice. 

However, if you’re planning on settling the case, an attorney without procedure, judges, or even prosecution experience will be detrimental for you. When your attorney can battle it out with strong, passionate legal arguments, your team will be scoring all the points with both prosecutors and judges. 

If he already has an impeccable reputation, that will also be a huge asset to you. However, if your attorney isn’t familiar with the relevant personnel, he will never be able to move them during any courtroom brawl. Attorneys with stronger reputations will get better deals even in court, and they will even know who to approach for special cases. 

Good Reputation and No Discipline By The State Bar

While choosing an attorney, it’s best to choose one who isn’t disciplined by the state bar. In Houston DWI defense attorney, those who are disciplined, tend to have a record. Before you make your selection, it’s best to check with the state bar. 

To perform this check, you’ll need their state bar number and their full name. If they did face disciplinary action, you’ll need to read about it. For some, discipline can be overlooked, and for others is just simply can’t be overlooked. So prepare for your case by being fully informed. 

What Is The Cost Of An Attorney?

If you’re comparing fees, you can underpay or overpay in some instances. Sometimes, people pay far too much for the service being provided and they can even pay too little for their attorney’s help. When this happens, you’re usually faced with receiving what you pay for. So be sure to find someone who has a decent overhead price and can accurately represent you. 

Previously Handled DUI Cases

As we’ve mentioned before, having experience is important but the number of past cases is also important. If an attorney previously dealt with several DUI cases and trials, they will be in a better position to offer help. This further increases the chances of things working out in your favor. 

Is Your Attorney Involved?

Some attorneys when hired never even open your case file. They simply pass it on to another. As you look for an attorney, be sure that they are involved in your matter. 

DMV Experience

Another important tip is to find someone who has experience in the DMV field. If you didn’t already know, when someone is charged with a DUI, there’s a high possibility that you’ll have your license taken away. The arresting officer also usually issues a form from the DMV. The DMV can then easily hold a hearing and your license can be suspended. 

Determined To Handle Your case

While there’s no evidence that you’ll be successful in your case, there’s always that one attorney who will take your case to the stars and back if need be. These professionals are the ones who will ensure that you have the best fighting chance. 

As we conclude we have just given you the best tips for finding a DUI attorney and what is a DUI Lawyer. Remember to carefully select an attorney who has your best interest at heart. Experience is key in dealing with DUI cases.