What Is A DUI Lawyer And Their Responsibilities

Lots of people hit the road after having a few drinks every day. Some go out for a night of drinks with their friends, others leave home after having a few beers. No matter the cause, there’s always a series of results that can happen from driving drunk. One common result is being arrested by a police officer, and when this happens, you need to call a good DUI lawyer. What exactly is a DUI lawyer, and how to choose a DUI lawyer?

DUI stands for driving under the influence, so a DUI lawyer is a lawyer that handles criminal cases related to DUIs. There is no state where you can drive under the influence and not be charged with a DUI if you are caught by the police. You need to know when to hire a DUI lawyer since it is possible to represent yourself in DUI court cases. Most people choose to go with a public defender that the court appoints or hires their lawyer. Most people don’t have the legal knowledge or experience to handle a DUI case on their own, and given how difficult it can be to understand DUI laws and keep up with all of the changes related to them, it’s best to have a DUI lawyer in your corner.

Anyone with a first time DUI and no aggravating factors is offered a plea deal called a standard first offense plea. No matter which form of legal representation you choose, the offer is always the same, which would present a situation where a lawyer wouldn’t be particularly necessary. While in some cases, this can be the end, most of the time things are only just beginning with this plea. You might also be able to mount a good defense, making it pointless to accept the plea deal. Unless you have a DUI lawyer, you wouldn’t know for sure which outcome you should pursue.

Public defenders are available because everyone has the right to the attorney, even if they can’t afford one. In a DUI case, the public defender’s office will appoint a defender to act as your DUI lawyer if you desire. These lawyers have lots of experience because they’ve handled many criminal cases. They also know judges and district attorneys, which can come in handy when bargaining for a plea. 

Public defenders have their downsides, namely representation limits and caseload sizes. Since these lawyers handle many cases, it can be difficult for them to give you all of their attention. You don’t have a choice in which a public defender is given to you. When you’re arrested for a DUI, you have to deal with a criminal case in court, and a DMV proceeding. The public defender will generally only take care of the court case, leaving you to handle the DMV proceedings by yourself.

Private DUI lawyers take care of criminal cases in court and DMV proceedings, which can lead to a shorter suspension of your license and a better outcome in general. If you are wondering, how much does it cost for a DWI layer the price can be a limiting factor for many. Given that the price range can be $1,000 to $5,000 for a lawyer, or even more if the case makes it to trial. Sometimes hiring a lawyer won’t get you better results than a public defender, but it can be worth it to do so.

Given how knowledgeable DUI lawyers about DUI law, it is possible to get good results when hiring one. They can lessen the time of your court appearances by being present for you, which is something you can’t do with a public defender. You also get more personal time with a private DUI lawyer.

When hiring a DUI lawyer Houston, you can often get a free consultation. Some may charge a small fee for a consultation, but given the information you gain, it’s worth the price. To get the most from a consultation, documents relating to your DUI case, such as the police report, will need to be provided by you. Any questions that you have can be asked during the consultation. Just because you have a consultation, that doesn’t mean that you’re required to hire a specific lawyer, but you can get a good idea of whether or not the lawyer will be able to help you.

If you’re stuck with a DUI, a DUI lawyer can make things easier for you. You might even be able to have any charges against you dropped entirely. Even if you want to take a plea, at least wait until you get a DUI lawyer.