DWI Case In Houston – Atty. Jim Butler Pt 3

The Impact Of DWIs In Texas

Part 3

Administrative Punishment

With a DWI conviction, it is also possible to end up having to deal with administrative consequences associated with your ability to get behind the wheel again. These consequences can include something as simple as mandatory license suspensions and/or fees. Just like the previously listed consequences associated with criminal penalties, there are separate tiers for how many times the offense takes place.

  • DWI 1st Offense – With a first DWI offense, an individual can get their driver’s license suspended for up to a year. Once you are eligible to regain your license, there will be a fee of $2,000 per year for up to 3 years to get your driving privileges again. There are additional fees that can be tacked on during this process.
  • DWI 2nd Offense – With a second DWI offense, the suspension increases to two years for all driving privileges. You are also going to have to pay the $2,000 fee per year for up to 3 years.
  • DWI 3rd Offense – With a third DWI offense, there is going to be a suspension of up to two years. This is going to end up including the fee of $2,000 per year for up to three years.
  • DWI 4th Offense – With a fourth DWI offense, there is going to be a two-year suspension on the driver’s license and a 2,000 per year surcharge.

For most people to get their license, there is going to be a specific set of rules in place including the potential installation of a specialized interlock device. This is why having a qualified DWI attorney by your side is the best way to go to make sure the consequences are reduced.

Collateral Consequences

Most people will look at the general legal consequences that come along with a DWI conviction but there are times when things can expand past this specific point. These consequences are known as collateral consequences and have a big role to play in how convictions affect a person’s life.

Loss Of Your Job

One of the bigger consequences an individual tends to face is the loss of their job because their employee doesn’t tolerate these types of offenses. While most people will realize it is all about being innocent until proven guilty, employers can still let you go due to the arrest. This tends to impact not only your current job but your ability to find a new job later on as a criminal background check is going to be run every single time you apply for a new role.

Inability To Find Housing

There are times where criminal background checks are required for renting a house and/or finding a place to live. This is something to keep in mind as landlords will not want to overlook this potential risk and will refuse to let you move in.

Loss Of Custodial Rights

If you have custodial rights for your children, it is possible to see them get affected due to the DWI conviction. This is noted as a sign of bad judgment, which has a direct impact on your ability to act as a legal guardian for your children.

Loss Of Your Professional License

An individual can lose their professional license that was associated with their career. This goes across multiple industries as a lot of these licenses have strict rules for those convicted of DWI working under their banner. You may also have to go in front of a disciplinary committee once the conviction comes through to start working again and in some cases, the license may get canceled.

Loss Of Voting Rights

This isn’t always going to be the case with misdemeanor DWI convictions, it is possible to end up losing your voting rights and/or gun rights. To regain these rights, you are going to have to gain a pardon through the Governor of Texas.

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