DWI Case In Houston – Atty. Jim Butler Pt 4

The Impact Of DWIs In Texas

Part 4

Getting The Right Verdict In A Houston DWI Trial

There are significant consequences that come along with a DWI conviction. This is why the average person wants to avoid these types of convictions to the best of their ability with the help of a trusted lawyer. In a lot of cases, it is naturally assumed you are not going to come out of this situation in the right manner but that is not always true. You can end up in a situation where the state of Texas is still in your favor over the long-term. You can win your case with the right type of legal support.

Two factors are going to play a role in whether or not you see a positive verdict:

1. The facts and/or relevant events associated with the events are in your favor
2. The Houston DWI lawyer on your side has the necessary expertise to help

A lot of people go through these types of cases in the heart of Houston and tend to plead guilty for charges that are set against them. These individuals need to have a qualified DWI attorney by their side to offer complete legal guidance. With the wrong lawyer, you end up with someone that is going through the motions and just collecting their legal fee.

Before the trial starts, it is recommended to have the DWI attorney go through each legal detail on your behalf. This includes the evidence that is being set up against you in the state of Texas. You will want to have the chance to collect your evidence and make sure it is presented in the court of law too.

Police Reports

One of the pieces of evidence that tend to come up include police reports. These are where most DWI investigations start as the officer has to run the tests to determine whether or not you are fully intoxicated when getting behind the wheel. The officer needs to have valid reasons for why they pulled you over and what caused them to believe you were intoxicated. This is before they ever get the chance to take your test as it is not legal to pull someone over at a whim.


This is a common piece of evidence that is seen in the court of law. This happens when the goal is to showcase what occurred and how the individual was intoxicated through visual evidence the jury can see for themselves. However, this is also a good way to determine whether or not the stop was legal and whether or not the testing was done properly.

Blood Chemical & Breath Test Results

With the help of a trusted DWI attorney in the heart of Houston, it’s also possible to analyze relevant test results for both blood chemical and/or breath tests. These tests are often used in the court of law as evidence by the prosecution and it’s recommended to have a trusted professional looking over the results right away. The blood alcohol concentration level tends to be used during the trial. Please note, your attorney can get these results removed if there are inaccuracies present including inappropriate testing processes when the testing was done.

Finding the Right DWI Attorney In Houston

Choosing the right DWI attorney is a must for those residing in Houston wanting the best possible results for their long-term needs. Knowing you are going to reach out to a professional lawyer that has your best interests at heart goes a long way. With the help of a good Houston DWI attorney, it is possible to see great results. To get started, it is time to reach out to Jim Butler for a free consultation and learn more about your legal options in a DWI case.

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