DUI Conviction In Houston: Why It Can Destroy Your Life?

Different Areas Of Your Life That A Texas DUI Conviction Can Affect Part I

Many people that work in sales often have to rent vehicles and travel across the country. In some cases, it can be extremely difficult to rent any vehicle when they have DUI convictions that appear on their records. They would be forced to show a rental agency their driver’s license number, which would state “Restricted.” They may have a temporary license, or in the state of Texas, they may have a pink paper that usually acts as a type of “temporary” license for 30 days until they can get another one. Most car rental agencies do not allow individuals to rent a vehicle when they have these types of licenses.

DUIs Can Be Used As Ammunition Against A Parent In Association To Adoption & Custody Rights

Mr. Butler has frequently represented spouses with a DUI, and they always want to know whether there are ways to stop their ex from finding out that they now have a DUI. In the situations where the ex or other spouse does find out, these clients become highly concerned that their spouse or ex would use this information against them to gain custody, along with various other reasons.

This can present a severe problem. Even though receiving a DUI doesn’t deny a person custodial rights outright, it can affect the court’s opinion, particularly when the individual already has a history associated with unhealthy drinking habits and patterns.

Another factor that can result in serious issues is when a person lands up with restrictions on their license after a DUI conviction, and they would not be able to drive with their kids in their car.

Restrictions on a license in Texas only allow the individual to drive their car to work and back again and to a DUI School. Anything that is not work-related, like transporting kids to and from school or anywhere else, would not be permitted and could be used against this person.

There Are Serious Consequences To Face For CDL License Holders That Are Faced With DUI Convictions

In the state of Texas, if a person with a Commercial License receives a conviction for a DUI, even when they were not driving the commercial vehicle when the incident occurred, they would have to face all the standard penalties along with a 1-year suspension on their commercial driving license. They would also need to reapply for the license.

At this point, the DMV would then decide, and this entity would use far more scrutiny. If the person received a second DUI conviction, they would lose all their commercial-driving privileges forever.

If a person is driving a vehicle classified as commercial, the blood-alcohol level is set at 0.04%, as opposed to 0.08% in a personal vehicle.

The Department may reinstate any driver disqualified for life for offenses described below after ten years if that person has voluntarily entered and completed an appropriate program approved by the Department*. Offenses not categorized as drug or alcohol-related do not have an established course requirement; therefore, course attendance is not required:

  • Being under the influence of alcohol
  • Being under the influence of a controlled substance
  • Having an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater while operating a CMV
  • Refusing to take an alcohol test as required under implied consent law or regulations
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Using a vehicle to commit a felony other than a felony involving manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing a controlled substance
  • Driving a CMV when, as a result of prior violations committed operating a CMV, the driver’s CLP or CDL is revoked, suspended, or canceled, or the driver is disqualified from operating a CMV
  • Causing a fatality through the negligent operation of a CMV including, but not limited to, the crimes of motor vehicle manslaughter, homicide by motor vehicle, or negligent homicide.


You are not eligible to apply for reinstatement if you have been convicted of human trafficking or a felony involving the manufacturing, distributing, or dispensing of a controlled substance.

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