The Advantages Of Hiring A DUI/DWI Attorney In Houston Pt 1

Knowing Why A Houston DUI/DWI Lawyer Can Really Defend You

Part 1

Drunk driving lawyers understand the rules and the consequences of a drunk driving arrest. This is one of the top reasons to hire a drunk driving attorney. You are going to need skilled help if you are facing big and serious consequences like a permanent mark on your record, jail time, paying a large fine, or losing your license. You can get that help by getting a trustworthy and reliable lawyer for DWI and DUI.

DUI Lawyer Role in HoustonThe lawyer knows local persecutors, the defenses, the applicable law, and the options related to drunk driving cases in your jurisdiction, especially if the lawyer regularly practices DUI or DWI law. The lawyer will be able to have your DUI charge dismissed entirely or reduce your penalty/sentencing by presenting your case in the most advantageous manner possible. Many states have begun to crack down on drunk driving offenses over the last several years, so they impose harsher sentencing or stiffer penalties, especially on drunk driving offenses in the future. Unlike some lower-level felony offenses, a misdemeanor drunk driving conviction can even have more impact on your criminal history and life by way of lengthy driver’s license suspensions and mandatory jail sentences. Therefore, taking steps for minimizing the impact of a DUI on your life is important.

Top Reasons To Hire A Drunk Driving Lawyer

One of the reasons is that drunk driving lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the important legal rules and standards (and local court procedures and customs) for the prosecution of driving under influence. Family law lawyers cannot know the current requirements for sobriety checkpoints, blood draws field sobriety tests, or breath tests, even though they can draft pleadings. Your lawyer will not be able to consciously or unconsciously identify the several issues with your case that can lead to the dismissal of your case or a lesser sentence if your lawyer does not specialize in current DUI laws and technology. Moreover, you can save more money if you find a reputable lawyer with DUI experience. This is because the lawyer knows what evidence to look for and understands the substantive law applicable to your case.

The right DUI lawyer will present your case to the state motor vehicle bureau/department during your license suspension hearings. Your lawyer is much better at presenting your case more effectively and persuasively than you because the lawyer understands the defenses that carry weight and the ones that do not.

Discuss Options To Handle With A Drunk Driving Attorney

Taking a plea or going to trial are the two options most people think they have. You will also discuss all the local options with a good DUI lawyer. For instance, there are specialized DUI programs in most countries. It is possible to earn a reduced sentence or dismissal by entering a DUI diversion program and unsuccessfully completing alcohol or drug counseling.

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