Is It Possible For A Judge To Dismiss Your Houston DUI Case? Pt 2

Knowing If A Judge Can Dismiss A DUI Charge

Part 2

(Continuation)Background screening for employment is very common across the United States. Around 92% of employers run a background check on applicants and their employees. The likelihood of applying for employment and not having your prospective employer conduct background checks is very slim. This ultimately means that when a police officer arrested you, regardless of if the case was dropped or not, the arrest will stay on record and may impact your job prospects into the future. For this reason, it might be in your best interests to consider expunging a DUI that was dismissed completely.

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How To Beat A DUI Case

The way that you behaved when an officer arrested you could have a significant impact when it comes to beating a DUI charge. If you are ever arrested we suggest that you follow these steps:

Remain Silent

This will mean that you only supply the information that is “legally required” such as your address and your name. Make sure you make it known that you have a right “to remain silent” so that you avoid any tactics that the police officer may try on you.

Refuse Any Field Sobriety Tests

Any of the Field Sobriety Tests that are conducted at traffic stops and DUI checkpoints are voluntary. These tests are not chemical and are also not scientifically approved.

Refuse A Breathalyzer Chemical Test If It Is Your First Offense

These machines can be inaccurate which could be devastating when it comes to your DUI case. We also recommend refusing blood tests for these same reasons.

Pay Attention To The Police Officers At The Scene

Watch for errors since if you have a suspicion that is reasonable that the police officer did not behave properly, this may help you to get the case dropped.

If you decided to take one of the Field Sobriety Tests, it is still possible to contest any evidence charged against you. The results produced from these tests are not “scientifically” accurate and in many cases the opinions of the police officers. In most cases, the opinion of a police officer on how you performed isn’t supported by the blood or breath test conducted at the jail or station.

At the same time, police officers must have reasonable suspicions or a valid reason to stop vehicles. They must also have “probable cause” to arrest you. It is possible to beat a DUI case when law enforcement is not able to prove there was a probable cause or that their suspicions were reasonable to pull you over.

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