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At The Butler Law Firm, defending your DWI charges is the top priority!

If you got a DWI and are confused and worried about what to do now, we can help you solve this problem! Our firm is only focused on DWI cases and hence very well equipped to handle these situations!

Jim Butler has helped multiple clients get out of jail time and saved them the trauma and all the other negative consequences of such an experience. Jim only focuses on DWI cases and devotes all his time to help such clients. He does not support people drinking and driving at all, he only chose this profession as he has realized that a lot of time people are “needlessly arrested” under the charge of a DWI. He aims to help such people who have been wrongfully charged.

The first step to do in this position is to give Jim Butler a call on (713) 236-8744. You will receive a free consultation where you can discuss your specific fact scenario with him. 

A DWI can lead to your license getting suspended if you are convicted. This can also happen if you are inactive and do not do anything about the charge for 40 days after the charge was placed. Your license will automatically be suspended. It is extremely important to find the right lawyer and take the steps necessary. Losing your license can be very problematic as then you will have to completely rely on other modes of transport for all your small and big tasks. It not only affects you but your family and children too. 

A conviction can also lead to you getting arrested who can be extremely traumatic for you and your family to go through. In addition to the emotional trauma, you will also be at the risk of losing your job, your family suffering financially and wasting precious time of your life where you could have achieved a lot! An offense like this on your record can also make t harder for you to get a job later on. 

The Butler Law Firm has been licensed for 24 years and hence is very experienced in dealing with DWI or DUI (Driving Under Influence) cases. Jim Butler owns the firm and is one of the best Houston lawyers for such cases. 

Being charged and then arrested is a very long and technical process. It is very important to have a lawyer guide you through the process as it involves legal stuff like court fees, fines, and penalties, incarceration, etc. An experienced attorney, like Jim, will know what exactly to do for the best possible outcome.

You can trust Mr. Butler in that he will do everything possible under the law to ensure that you don’t face anything that you do not deserve!

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