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Mr. Jim Butler is the co-founder of Butler Law Firm which is based in Houston. Jim Butler carries out all the required tasks professionally to ensure that you get a positive outcome for your DWI offense. You can contact the firm at any time and enjoy a free consultation. A DWI offense can adversely affect your life since you can face life imprisonment. Life imprisonment means you will lose your job, have issues with your family since they will be struggling financially among other negative consequences. 

The process involved for DWI proceeding is nerve cracking since you will incur more costs for transport that will be needed to travel from your home to the court. Such money wasted could be used for your family for shopping and other important activities. When you are charged with DWI offense and fail to act accordingly for a period of more than forty days, your license will be suspended. Thus, Jim Butler, with 24 years’ work experience will be of great help to you. He has gained vast experience for many years that will help in attaining the best outcome for your DWI. Jim Butler has the relevant and needed help for you, so do not waste more time call or email Butler Law Firm today.

The main priority of Butler Law Firm is defending your DWI charges. It dedicates its efforts 100 percent for your needs when you need us most. The firm is based in Houston where the office is located. Being faced by DWI offense will make you get stressed since you do not know of the future outcome thus, Mr. Jim- Houston based lawyer will help in reducing the stress associated with this offense. Jim Butler has been licensed for more than twenty-four years dealing with DWI defenses. He will help you survive imprisonment which may lead to job loss, stress and misunderstanding from the family arising from inadequate funds for supporting the family. He fully and mainly involves in DWI offenses. Jim Butler will be able to defend you from any offense that has risen due to driving while intoxicated. However, he does not necessarily mean that it is okay to drive while drunk but he is aware that most people that are charged with DWI offenses are normally innocent. Thus, Jim is 100 percent devoted to helping those that are arrested for no reason helping to ease their burden. 

Feel free to contact Jim Butler on his number, (713) 236-8744 and he does not charge for consultations. If you are charged with DWI offenses, you will face serious consequences that result from driving while intoxicated. Therefore, you being the offended have to seek the help of a DWI lawyer specializing in DWI defense. Be careful not to drive while drunk since if you are proven guilty, you may face life imprisonment. 

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