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Are you distressed by the DWI charge and don’t know what to do next? We are here to relieve you of the DWI distress. Jim Butler has been a DWI attorney for 24 years. Where clients would otherwise lose their jobs, get stress and having their families face financial difficulties; Jim Butler comes to your aid from jail time. He is fully committed and currently spends his time dealing with 100% Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) matters. Jim Butler doesn’t condone driving under the influence but he believes most people are arrested innocently on DUI matters thus his reason to specialize in DWI matters. Call (713) 235-8744 to get a free consultation with Jim Butler! Anyone charged with the DWI charge should know the adversity it has. The DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated. The charge carries serious ramifications that you should be aware of. The arrested person should get a Houston based lawyer who has experience and majors in DWI related matters because being found guilty of the offense has serious implications. The effect of being charged with a DWI offense has the ramification of not only losing your driver’s license, dissolution from employment, family disputes but also being sentenced to jail. The firm of Butler has an experience of 24 years in DWI cases. It is not the end when charged with a DWI offense but only the beginning. As the legal procedure is technical in nature, being charged with the offense of DWI does not mean you will be sentenced, loss of license or get fined as this is not an automatic effect. To get through your DWI situation it is important to get you a lawyer who has a wide range of experience in DWI matters to help you get through and get a better outcome. Our firm at Butler has all the necessary experience to handle all matters pertaining to DWI or DUI offense and will ensure due process is followed and get you the best outcome available under the law and also ensure your rights are respected and protected. Kindly call Mr. Jim Butler to discuss your case situation because he has a wide experience in DWI matters. A DWI charge can not only affect your family life but has a negative implication in your work routine! You may incur extra outlays not limited to public transport to shopping, work or family issues. If you don’t pay attention to your DWI charge the license will begin to expire from 40 days of the DWI charge. You will get the best outcome from Mr. Jim Butler as he has 24 years of experience in DWI matters.
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