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Butler Law Firm is dedicated to defending your DWI offense. The firm specializes 100 percent with DWI cases thus you may contact us when you feel you have reached at the end of your hope. Jim Butler is DWI lawyer the CEO of Butler Law Firm based in Houston. He mainly deals in DWI defense and has offered his services for the past twenty-four years. He has been licensed by the relevant authorities and has gained enough experience for the very many years. He is determined is delivering outstanding services to all his clients. 

DWI charge comes along with bad outcome since your diver’s license may be revoked if you assume the period that you are issued to clear yourself. They may also part ways with your family since they will be upset with when you are stress by the case and house to go about it. Being charged with a DWI offense may lead to job loss. You are required to dedicate time to visit the court thus if you not self-employed you are going to suffer job loss. You cannot manage to attend the hearing and attend work at the same time. You may also be required to raise more money for servicing your case since you may be required to pay a penalty and also pay for your attorney. 

You may use (713) 236-8744 to contact Jim Butler and have a chance to receive the best services for your case. He also offers a free consultation. Driving with intoxication may result in life imprisonment. If you were badly off where you caused a severe accident and fail to have a good DWI lawyer, you might be imprisoned for life. However, Jim Butler can help to simplify the case and negotiate for a better judgment. He normally devotes all his time towards these cases that he is aware of all the required skills required to win the case. 

Jim Butler has enough skills and knowledge to help you. He does not ascertain that driving while drunk is right or okay but he understands that many are the times that innocent people are charged wrongly and may even be proven guilty for no mistake. If you are innocent, he will be able to defend you ensuring that you go through the process successfully with your rights protected. If you are guilty he will also work out best for you since he can argue for better terms that you would not secure if you conducted the case on your own. Jim Butler has his main office in Houston where he deals with convicted DWI offenders. Mr. Butler will do everything that that is in his control that is within the law to work out best for your clients.

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