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Did you get a DWI? Contact the Butler Law Firm to receive the best services and legal help required!

At the Butler Law Firm, it is our top priority to do everything in our power to defend your DWI charge! Jim Butler is the owner of the firm and a licensed attorney for 24 years. The firm and Jim Butler is 100% focused on clients with DWI charges. Jim has helped several clients in the past with these charges and successfully gotten them out of jails and save their licenses and families. Jim is very experienced in this area and knows exactly what to do when charged with this offense. 

If you have been charged with a DWI, it is important to immediately get in touch with a legal professional. You can contact Jim Butler at (713) 236-8744, and receive a free consultation!

It is important to note that Jim does not encourage or support drunk driving. He only took up these cases because of the people who are “needlessly arrested” under this charge. He aims to help such people as otherwise their lives can be very badly affected. 

A DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) charge is a very serious one as it can suspend or revoke your license. Even if you are not convicted, if you do not take a step after receiving the charge, your license will be suspended after 40 days and it is incredibly difficult to get it back once it has been suspended! This can seriously alter your day to day life as you will have to find other ways to commute to work and to run chores, which will end up increasing your monthly expenses along with the inconvenience caused. If you do not take the support of an experienced attorney, you can et be convicted and arrested. This will cause serious trauma and will also have other long term effects such as you can lose your job and will have this on your permanent record always. 

To protect your family from this trauma and inconvenience, make sure to choose the correct lawyer for your needs. The procedure is very technical and impossible to follow without legal help. Always choose a lawyer who specializes in this area instead of one who takes multiple different cases. 

Jim Butler has a lot of experiences in dealing with DWI or DUI (Driving Under Influence) cases and knows exactly what to do in these situations. Time is precious so you should contact him immediately and start planning your moves!

This one decision will seriously impact your life and can change the way it turns out so put a lot of thought into it. Call Jim Butler and discuss the options available to you today! Rest assured that the Butler Law Firm will do a great job to resolve your issue and ensure the best possible outcome for you!

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