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Our main priority is defending your DWI charges. Butler Law Firm mainly focuses on DWI cases fully. Jim Butler is a DWI lawyer based in Houston. Basically, hiring a DWI lawyer helps in alleviating stress affecting people charged for driving while intoxicated. If you are not aware of what is going to happen next, it is advisable to get a DWI lawyer. Jim Butler is a licensed attorney and has been offering great services for the past twenty years. A DWI attorney will help in minimizing the chances of being jailed. There are adverse situations that arise if you get sentenced; you will end up losing your job as well as causing yourself and your family anxiety since they are affected both financially and mentally. Jim fully specializes in cases that are related to DWI. Thus, all his time, he mainly involves in these cases. Note that Jim does not insist that it is right driving while intoxicated but strongly feels that innocent people are wrongly arrested.

If you get arrested today, just contact Jim butler today via (713) 236-8744 where you will get issued with free consultations. Being charged for driving while intoxicated should not be taken lightly since there are serious consequences that await those that are found guilty. Therefore, charged individuals should hire a Houston attorney that mainly specializes in DWI defense only. 

There are harsh consequences set to those that are found guilty. Some of these consequences include cancellation of driver’s license, suspension from work, falling out from family and life imprisonment. For those charged with DWI, contact Jim Butler the CEO of The Butler Law Firm since he has gained vast knowledge for the past 24 years. You can reach him by either calling or sending an email. If you are charged with DWI crime, this marks the start of a long process since the final outcome is not issued after you have been charged. 

The law and court case are mainly made of conviction and technical issues, imprisonment, loss of license and fines whereby, none of these is simple. Jim Butler will offer help that will push towards a positive outcome since he is experienced thus will help in sailing through the process smoothly while ensuring that your human rights are not abused. The Butler Law Firm has vast knowledge and experience for helping those that are charged with DWI to have a successful outcome and ensuring that all their rights are respected throughout all the proceedings of the lawsuit. Therefore, contact Jim Butler now so that you can discuss the details of your charges freely. He has all the required knowledge to help your charges, so stop wasting time and make a call today. DWI charges can negatively affect your life and your family. 

Mr. Butler is the owner of this Houston-based criminal law office. Mr. Butler will do everything possible under the law to resolve the issue in the best possible way for his client. Contact them immediately for a free consultation.

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