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Jim Butler’s law firm in Houston is a fully committed DUI company. Its main job is handling issues that relate to driving under the influence. Jim Butler has been in this specific defense industry for twenty-four years. This really helps people with issues causing you stress due to DUI charges. People charged can get into a lot of problems such as financial strains and even emotional breakdowns through the process. This, however, does not promote drunk driving but rather discourages the tough rules and arrests made.

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It is pivotal that anyone that is charged for these offenses knows what he or she is up against. One must get a Houston defense attorney that will ease the process. Some of the consequences are of the following kinds:

  • Job loss. It is very easy for many companies to cut ties with employees with legal issues. This can be because of the disdain caused to the name or direct issues due to late arrivals.
  • Family fights. Members of the family can bring issues into the whole thing due to the strains caused. Finances are a big cause of these as other important expenses are overlooked.
  • Suspension or Revocation of driving licenses. The case can end in loss of the license because of the safety threat posed. This means that one has to find other ways to deal with getting around making other expenses.
  • Incarceration. This comes as a ruling and may bring financial strains for the breadwinner’s case and the family might miss out on the convicted member.

Charging is just the first part of a very long process. The law also dictates various ways to pay back such as fines, loss of licenses and conviction. This, however, is not an instant decision and can be studied well by the Butler Law Firm in order to make the proper decision and find a way to sort things out. The twenty-four years that Jim Butler has been around giving a chance for the case to be a success. Simply email or call to start sorting things out.

The rights of the individual are put first to make sure everything is handled well. The experience is enough for all of them to go on smoothly. You should take up our offer for free consultations so that you start immediately.

DUI can also cause issues for your family. The issues can span from extra costs from work, family appointments and normal errands. The suspension starts after forty days making it enough time to plan with the lawyer.

Mr. Butler is competent and ready to take care of all the home issues and the owner of the Houston Based law office offers free consultations to cater to everything.

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