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Have you been charged with a DWI offense? Do you feel stressed having no clear picture of what will happen next? We are here to reduce that tension.

Jim Butler is an attorney with 24 years in operation and licensed. He helps his customers get freed from jail time preventing them from losing their jobs, a situation that could cause both mental and financial torture to them and their families. Currently, Jim’s cases comprise are fully DWI. This is his area of devotion currently. Although he does not advocate for drunk He believes that a lot of people who are innocent are arrested unnecessarily, a situation that drove him to become a DUI defender.

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For those caught in the offense of DWI, they have to know that the offense is very serious and has severe charges. The offender is therefore highly welcomed to seek an attorney who specializes in DWI cases, and that is none other than Jim. In case you are caught with a DWI offense, it could prompt serious consequences to you.

Such consequences include suspension or cancellation of one’s driver’s license, employment termination, falling out of your family and one could also be incarcerated. Is there Anyone with a DWI charge? Then, your best shot is with Jim of Butler Firm for lawyers, a licensed attorney of over 20 years. You are free to email or call us even right now! An arrest as a result of a DWI charge signifies the initial stage of a longer process. In case you are charged with such a crime, that is not the end result. The law tackles conviction, fines, license loss, incarceration, and other technical issues which are not automatic. For one to get a chance for an outcome that is positive, it is highly recommended to hire an attorney that is experienced to assist you to navigate the legal processes while protecting your rights.

Do you need a positive outcome in your DUI or DWI criminal offense charge? Do you desire for you to navigate through the law procedures and your rights entirely protected? Do not lose your chance, go ahead and freely consult attorney Butler to discuss every detail involved in your circumstance.

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The charge surrounding DWI can negatively affect your entire life (both work and family). Other costs comprise shopping, public transportation when heading to work, getting out to run errands, and added family activities. After forty days of being charged with the crime, your license case of suspension will commence. Mr. Butler’s firm based in Houston has a legal experience of twenty-four years and will be more than willing to enable you to get a successful outcome.

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