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Are you stressing because you got a DWI, and probably wondering what will happen next? We can assist you to relive some of the stress.

 As an attorney, Jim Butler has helped clients avoid jail time which could have cost them their jobs. This could have led them, and even their respective families, to undergo suffering both mentally and financially. After 24 years of being licensed as an attorney, Jim Butler’s is entirely made up of DWI cases. Currently, Jim has devoted his full time to such cases. He does not support drunk driving; Jim believes that a lot of people who are innocent are arrested unnecessarily. This is the main reason why Jim decided to be the DUI lawyer that he is now.

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Anybody who gets a DWI (Driving While intoxicated) offense should be conversant with the implications of this charge. The person charged should look for an attorney from Houston who has limited to solely DWI defense. The DWI offense can result in dire consequences when found guilty.

These consequences include loss of employment, revocation or suspension of your driving license, family break-up, and incarceration. In case you’re facing any DWI charges; you can email or call us today. In case you’re facing these charges, keep in mind that Jim Butler has been a licensed attorney for a period of 24 years.  If you want to safeguard your rights and escape the DWI charges via the legal procedure, it is advisable to contact an attorney who is experienced to assist you. The final outcome is not determined by the charges. An arrest for DWI only initiates an overwhelming process. The law entails conviction and technical issues, license loss, fines, and neither of these are automatic.

If you want to talk about your case in detail, contact Mr. Butler. You can also get a free consultation from him. This Law Firm possesses the skills required to ensure individuals charged with DUI, or DWI criminal offenses have their rights protected through lawful procedures. We also ensure that you have a high chance of a positive result. Don’t hesitate to call; Butler has the right skills to assist you.

A DWI can have a great impact on both your life and you personally. This impact will also affect your work. If you decide not to do anything about these charges 40 days later, your license suspension will start.  Extra costs may include shopping, running errands, public transportation to work, and various family events. The Law Firm has legal experience of 24 years and can assist you to get a positive for your situation.

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