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Are you experiencing or is someone you know having trouble with a DWI charge? Is the idea of the unknown consequences that would come as a result leaving you stressed out? Fear not because we can give an assurance in relieving little of that stress. 

A DWI charge in full stands for Driving While Intoxicated or Driving While Impaired. The intoxication could involve being high in alcohol or drugs. In terms of alcohol, a legal limit is put in place that one should not exceed. All persons who receive a DWI charge should have an awareness of its seriousness. One would face serious consequences if found guilty of the DWI charge like facing prison time, revocation of driver’s license, fall out with family members, and loss of employment. It also increases expenses in that one ends up using public transport in cases where a license has been revoked in performing your daily activities.

Where a person has been arrested and charged for DWI a long process takes place before actually getting an outcome. If one does nothing to defend him or her the license would be suspended. The suspension process begins 40 days after the charge was made. There is no automatic sentence given for the charge, one might get a fine, conviction, loss of license and even being pardoned when found innocent or pardoned with a warning. Therefore for one to be assured of fair and good results one should seek the best DWI lawyer solely based on DWI charges.

Jim Butler, an attorney at the Butler firm, has been a licensed attorney for 24 years. He has a criminal law office dealing with DWI cases based in Houston. He aids his clients in unimaginable situations which could affect them and their families in terms of finances and their mental capacity by helping the clients avoid jail time. Currently, all his cases are based fully on Driving While Impaired where he fully devotes his time. The reason for him becoming a lawyer was to help people with charges of Driving While Intoxicated. His focus is not on endorsing drunk drivers instead it is to help most of the innocent people arrested needlessly on the charge. Because of his long experience, one can be assured of a successful and positive outcome and all their rights protected according to the law. His passion for helping innocent persons accused of DWI also makes him the best attorney to consult for such charges. If one wishes to discuss details of their case one can be assured of a free consultation with no charge. Do not delay contact Jim Butler of the Butler Law Firm today in order to get amazing results.

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