Proficient DUI Criminal Defense Attorney, DWI Lawyer & Legal Advisor In Cumings, TX

Have you gotten a DWI? Are you stressed and not sure of the outcome to follow? We can offer you a remedy to reduce your stress.

Jim Butler is a licensed lawyer and has been for 24 years. Jim Butler aids his clients to avoid incarceration risking the loss of their jobs, putting them and their families in mental and financial anguish. Currently, his cases are 100% DWI ( driving while intoxicated). All his time is now committed to cases of this nature. Although he is not an endorser of drunk driving, he believes that there is an unfair arrest of many innocent people. This is the prime purpose that motivated him to become a DUI attorney.

Anybody who gets a DWI offense which are initials for driving while intoxicated should know how serious this charge is. You should find a Houston lawyer who can restrict themselves to a DWI defense. You can face profound outcomes if you are found guilty of this offense. The repercussions can involve having your license suspended or revoked, family crisis, unemployment or even jail time.

The Butler Law Firm of Jim Butler has a 24 years license to aid those facing this charge. Email or call today. An arrest for a DWI crime is only the start of a lengthy procedure. A charge of this crime does not signal the result. The affairs of law consist of technical matters, convictions, fines, license loss, and custody. It is not automatic for any of these.

To secure the best opportunity for a good result, you must seek an experienced lawyer who can assist you to navigate well through the legal business and ensure your rights are protected. The Butler Law Firm is experienced enough to ensure if charged with a DUI criminal offense, you can access the best option of a favorable result and that through the law process. This as your rights are still guarded. Get in touch with Mr. Butler as soon as you can for a free meeting to deliberate on your case’s particulars.

He is experienced enough to aid you, so there is no reason to wait. Give him a call. 

A DWI can have a huge impact on your life, your family’s life and of work. Added costs can comprise of public transit of commuting to work, chasing errands, shopping, and other tasks that are family-related. Your license will be suspended for 40 days commencing after the time the charge was first created if nothing is done. Mr. Butler’s practice which is based in Houston has 24 years’ worth of legal exposure. They can assist you to gain the best positive result depending on your situation.

Contact Mr. Butler today, (713) 236-8744, a get offered a free reception.

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