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Whenever you are charged with driving while intoxicated charges, all is not doomed as you can fight your way through the mud and remain clean. However, you can never achieve this on your own; you need someone well versed with these matters to help you.

We here at Jim Butler Law Firm are law firm based in Houston, Texas, which have over the years specialized in driving while intoxicated charges. We boast of the high success rates that we have been able to achieve in the cases that we have been in charge, as our main mission and interest is to help our clients get a fair hearing. You do not have to be stressed when you are charged, as there is a way out. Just give us a call right away via (713) 236-8744 so as we can remove you from the DWI ditch.

We give you a highly-trained attorneys 

Our sole mandate here at Jim Butler Law Firm is to ensure that our clients gets a fair hearing, as we understand that very many innocent lives are suffering from the punishment of the charge. We are committed to the needs of our clients and that is why we are known for the high-quality services that we offer. Once you contact us for your DWI charge our highly trained attorneys lend you their ears, so that they can fully understand the circumstances that led to your charging.

After they have made sure that they have gotten a grasp of what happened, they then use that to tailor a defense for you with the help of their knowledge in the sector. We will then prepare all the documents that will be needed for your case to be processed in court and then represent you in a court of law. Whenever you choose us to be your legal representation, you can run your errands in peace, as you know that your DWI case is in the hands of experts.

Why you should choose us

It is no secret that we here at Jim Butler Law Firm have been in the scene for over 24 years. This underlines the level of experience and expertise that we have in driving while intoxicated charges. There is, therefore, no problem that we cannot be able to solve when it comes to driving while intoxicated charges.

We work with the best attorneys in the country, who strive to ensure that our clients get a fair hearing. You do not have to worry when we are in charge of your case, as we are experts in the field and always know the way out. Do not hesitate to contact us, give us a call right away, and let us start your acquittal process.

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